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Introduction of Marcio Martini (Prof. Dr.)


Marcio Martini was bo in 1949, in São Paulo, Brazil and graduated in Mathematics by F.F.C.L. Foundation Santo André. Professor of Post-graduation courses, FIAP – Paulista School of Information Technology and Administration – in the disciplines Survey, Negotiation, Project Management and Quality Management. Professor of the Institute of Post-Graduation, FASP – Associated Universities of São Paulo – in the disciplines IT Strategic Management and Change and Knowledge Management. Professor of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Institute of Post-Graduation, SCELISUL – Society of Culture and Education from the Southe Littoral of Brazil – in the disciplines Vaue Added Questioning and Negotiation, and Strategic Management of Quality of Services. Facilitator of the Program of Continuous Quality Improvement in Service Providing for the following companies: Banco Nossa Caixa, Sul América Seguros Saúde, Accenture, Real Seguros, ACS – Algar Call Center Services, Alcatel University -He acts in the area of IT and Human Resources since 1970 -Former IT Superintendent, ALCOA Alumínio S/A. -Former Training Consulting Director, COMPUCENTER. -Former associated consultant, PLENA Consultoria -Was volunteer in SUCESU-SP as Director of Human Resources and Services. -Militante da ACEC-Cananéia como Diretor de Tecnologia da Informação. Currently he is volunteer in ACEC – Commercial and Business Association of Cananéia as Director of IT.

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