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MFN had the pleasure to talk to Carl Panzenhagen, President & CEO of Blast Cleaning Technologies.

MFN was able to get an interview with Tommy Saatzer, the Business Development Manager of Profile Industries.

Invented 130 years ago and having its breakthrough in the 1930s, the blast wheel remains at the heart of many shot-blast processes. Despite their self-destructive tendencies, blast wheels often stay on machines for decades. It’s easy to assume that innovation moves at a snail’s pace, if the equipment buying cycle is so long. And how much innovation can happen on such a seemingly simple piece of kit anyway? A lot, according to Stanislav Venclik, who has been in charge of the blast wheel portfolio at Wheelabrator for nearly a decade, with an increasingly global scope. Today, Wheelabrator’s core wheel portfolio is globally recognized by default. We talk to Stanislav about the importance of wheel innovation, the hidden risks of outdated wheel tech, and how the trusted wheel can still be reinvented every day.

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Science Update

Author : PhD José Solis Romero

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Author : Mario Guagliano

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Author : Rishabh Shah

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