Vol. 3 August Issue
Year 2002




Globally Present - Locally Anchored

Interview with Hermann Brüngger,Executive Vice President, DISA Holding AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Mr. Brüngger gave MFN the chance to ask questions about DISA's products, services, strengths and visions in the Shot Blast Division.
Founded in 1900, DISA is the world's leading supplier of foundry equipment, metal surface finishing systems, and solutions for air pollution control. With an outstanding commitment to research and development DISA is constantly setting new standards in the industry. With 2,500 employees and with 24 production facilities, sales and service offices, DISA is represented worldwide.

Cover Page

Shot Peening in Non Transportation Industries

Author: Dave Cooper


The 2nd. Asian Shot Peening Workshop in Singapore was visited by 84 people!

Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Peening Applications

Quantitative Characterization of Peening Processes Using X-ray Diffraction Residual Stress Analysis

Author: James Pineault and Michael Brauss

So many parts, so little time!

Author: Ken I'Anson

Cast Steel Shot for Peening: Specifications, Manufac. Process and Control Plan

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

It's a Blast

Author: Volker Klein

A New Concept in the Surface Finishing Industry

Author: Thomas M. Venhuizen

New Type of Spiral Separators

Shot Peening Operative Resource Team (SPORT)

An Apology to the Readers of MFN from Jack Champaigne

Author: Jack Champaigne

The Application of Mass Finishing Systems in the Aircraft Industry

Author: Rolf-J. Picard