Vol. 19 March Issue
Year 2018




Production Laser Peening Extends Component Life up to 20 Times

Doug Eberhart, Director of Sales at LSP Technologies has spent over 30 years directing B2B sales efforts around the world. With specialized experience delivering sophisticated instrumentation and software products, Mr. Eberhart has been engaged with the high-tech industrial and manufacturing sectors throughout his distinguished career. He joined LSP Technologies in 2016.

Faster, Better, Cheaper… And Drier? A New Vibro Offering One Year On

MFN had the opportunity to talk to Clifford Parr, President, Global Product Group Parts Finishing at Norican Group.

SF EXPO CHINA-Surface Finishing Exhibition Strong Return To The In Southwest China Market

SF EXPO was held in Guangzhou for 12 years and then moved to Chongqing in 2014, being held by turn in Guangzhou and Chongqing each year. SF EXPO 2018 will be moved to Chongqing again and go deep into the southwest China market to promote the development of the industry on surface finishing in the southwest and build an efficient, professional, and international exhibition platform. MFN had an interview with SF EXPO organizers, Mr. Zhang Zhi, the General Manager from Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd, who introduced relevant conditions in the exhibition and discussed the development trend of the industry and exhibition.

Cover Page

A Revolutionary New Product For Advanced Peening Capabilities

Author: Dan Spinner

Science Update

Feasibility Study of Waterjet Fine Particle Peening

Author: Prof. Dr. h. c. Dr.-Ing. Eckart Uhlmann, Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Faltin

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Shot Peening And Allied Processes In The Automotive Industry

Author: Mario Guagliano

Good Vibrations

The Evolution And The Building Stones For Modern Mass Finishing Processes

Author: Mathieu Geuting

MFN Trainer Column

Shot-peening Efficiency

Author: Marco Klijsen

Off the Beaten Track

Fire, Air, Water and Earth

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

From Editor's Desk

The 14th International Conference on Shot Peening (ICSP14): welcome to Milan!

Author: Mario Guagliano


Media Flow Rate Control for Shot Peening - designed for OEM's

An Advanced Robotic Shot Peening Cell

Author: Darko Hocevar, Aljaz Molek

Green Alternative To Ceramic Chips

Paint Shop For Electric Vehicles In China

Intelligent and Innovative Development - Focus on Metal China 2018