Vol. 20 November Issue
Year 2019




Flexible, Portable and Automated: Shot Peening at its best

Because high value components continuously require more controlled, cleaner and more efficient shot-peening solutions, SONATS ultrasonic shot-peening solutions have become more and more relevant and bring about new benefits, from in situ shot-peening services to customer-dedicated machine. MFN was able to get arrange an interview with both Frederic CHATEAU, process manager, and Cédric PILARD, international sales engineer from SONATS.

Science Update

The Adaptation and Reproducibility of The Surface Preparation Standard of Blast-Cleaning by Autonomous Blasting Robot

Author: Ichiro Atsuchi

Parametric Study of Fixtured Vibropeening

Author: Chan Wai Luen, Kunal Ahluwalia, Abhay Gopinath

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Digital Twins, The Next Challenge

Author: Mario Guagliano

Good Vibrations

How To Overcome The Post Processing Challenges Of Additive Manufacturing?

Author: Eugen Holzknecht

MFN Trainer Column

Shot Peening a process of Improvisations

Author: Rishabh Shah

Off the Beaten Track


Author: Giovanni Gregorat

From Editor's Desk

Ten months to ICSP14: save the date!

Author: Mario Guagliano


INCASE 2019 - A great Success!

Optimum Blasting Of Fastening Elements

Leading The Evolution Of Aerospace Surface Treatment Solutions

High Cleanliness Requirements Are Perfectly Met Within The Prescribed Cycle Times

Rollwasch® Partner of ATC

Vibratory Peening – A Viable Alternative Technique

Reliable Part Deburring, Cleaning and Drying On a 15-Second Cycle

The WA Clean Device Officially Obtained ISO Committee Approval!

The report of The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition