Vol. 23 May Issue
Year 2022




Why W Care sets the industry standard for shot blasting and peening service?

Following Winoa's new identity, and the launch of the new "W Care™" brand that specializes in services, MFN had the opportunity to speak with Iann Bouchard, Winoa's communications director, to learn more about this development plan and strategy.

Future-Oriented System Concepts For Blasting And Painting Large Components

MFN was able to get an interview with Andre Felchner, Head of Sales Dept. Paint Spraying Systems.

Cover Page

ADDIBLAST line of smart post-processing solutions is an innovative response to the challenges of the Additive Manufacturing technology

Science Update

Accurate Residual Stress Predictive Models Developed for Carburized Steel Samples

Good Vibrations

Mass finishing - a leading technology for orthopedic implant finishing

Author: Eugen Holzknecht

Off the Beaten Track

Ionic Wind

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

From the World of Blasting

Maintaining Your Wheel Blast Machine (part 1 of 3)

From Editor's Desk

ICSP14 is coming, save the date!

Author: Mario Guagliano


Peening Accessories GmbH celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Advancing Blasting Processes through Cutting Edge Technologies

Blast Cleaning of Springs Prior to Coating

EcoBell4 Increases System Availability And Capacities

Final Cleaning of Medical Technology Products and Sterile Packaging with Pre-Validated Material