Vol. 6 May Issue
Year 2005




Embracing Customer Needs!

Interview with Peter Fritz, Six Sigma Manager for Abrasive Systems Division, 3M™ Company.

Added-Value Maker…

MFN talked to Pierre Escolier, Sales and Marketing Director of Wheelabrator Allevard. Meet the world leader in steel abrasives and understand the reasons for its success: quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Cover Page

Automated Residual Stress Mapping – Quantitative Data On Real Parts

Author: James Pineault, Laboratory Manager & Michael Brauss, President Proto Mfg. Ltd

Science Update

The Effect Of Cold Work On The Thermal Stability Of Residual Compression In Surface Enhanced IN718

Author: Paul S. Prevéy

MFN Trainer Column

Our Commitment To The Industry

Author: Marco Klijsen


Pangborn Corporation Appoints Randy Hudson As President And CEO

It's Just A Holder...

New Cooperation For Wheel Finishing Technologies: MWG Galvano And R² Set Up A New Quality Standard

Author: Dr. Katja Loderstedt, Dirk Gather