Vol. 6 November Issue
Year 2005




Plastic Is Tough Enough

An interview with Michael A. Golubski, President of Maxi-Blast, Inc., a company that is entirely focused on the manufacturing and distribution of plastic media.

Blast Cleaning And Washing Excellence

Viking Blast and Wash Systems has manufactured blast cleaning and parts washing equipment for nearly 30 years. In addition to offering one of the broadest ranges of batch and pass through conveyance styles, Viking also specializes in custom-engineered equipment. MFN interviewed its President, Deron Lock.

The Nadcap Organisation

MFN always tries to inform its readers about issues which are of great concern to the industry. There is no question that companies connected to the aviation industry should be aware of Nadcap and its purpose. MFN wanted to know more details and interviewed Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Industry Managed Programs, Research & Development at Performance Review Institute (PRI). PRI is administering Nadcap.

Cover Page

Coming To Grip With Complex Automotive Casting Cleaning Problems

Author: Richard E. Poole, Engineering Manager New Design and Wayne S. Johnston, Director, Application & Production Engineering

Science Update

Crack Arrest Of Controlled Shot Peening On Fatigue Damage Of High Strength Aluminium Alloys (Part 1)

Author: Jose Solis Romero (Ph.D)

MFN Trainer Column

Shot Peening and the Design Engineering Process

Author: Markus Halder

Off the Beaten Track

Checks and Balances

Author: Giovanni Gregorat


8th International MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in Florida, USA

Superfinishing Delicate Components Customer-Specific Finishing Solutions

MFN Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!

Anodize And Paint TNM To Receive MFN Shot Peening Training

Rolls-Royce Has Added Peening Accessories GmbH To Its Vendor List For Almen Strips

Peening Accessories GmbH receives Bombardier Approval

Bombardier approves Frohn North America