Vol. 8 January Issue
Year 2007




Innovation, Quality and Technology Service

The Chinese metal abrasive industry is certainly gearing up. There are a number of Chinese companies in this field which have taken their business to an international level, looking at the different markets around the globe. MFN was pleased to receive permission to talk to Mr. Han Qingji, President of ZIBO Taa Metal Products Co., Ltd., one of China's largest manufacturers in this industry.

SPORT - a Nordic Association for Advancing Shot Peening Technology

There are very few non commercial associations or organizations worldwide that focus on shot peening. SPORT is one of them. MFN has been aware of this organization for many years and has been always impressed by the great interest and dedication of the members in the shot peening process. With the election of its new president Per Böhn in 2006, MFN asked for an interview.

Cover Page

Preventing Fatigue Failures with Laser Peening

Author: David W. Sokol, Director of Research; Richard D. Tenaglia, Development Manager; David F. Lahrman, Director, Business Development

Science Update

Applications for Blasting with Solid Carbon Dioxide

Author: Prof. Eckart Uhlmann, Adil El Mernissi, Robert Hollan, Robert Veit

Standards Forum

Benefits & Targets For In-House Training

Author: Paul Huyton

Nadcap Column

Nadcap Auditor Recruitment

Author: Jamie L. Heusey, Auditor Development Specialist Industry Managed Programs & Joanna Leigh, Operation Specialist (Europe)

From Editor's Desk

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Author: Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.)


Most Successful Asian MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show Ever!

Author: Giovanni Gregorat, Contributing Editor MFN

Rösler Acquires Baiker Maschinenbau AG

Vapormatt's International Demonstration Vehicle Brings The Benefits of Wet Blasting to Your Door

New Official MFN Trainer for Laser Peening