Vol. 9 March Issue
Year 2008




Four Exclusive Services

Recent interview with Patrick Arnaud, Manager of Abrasives Activity, Wheelabrator Allevard, extracted from the 'W News'.

Quality Abrasives Made In Germany

MFN had the opportunity to talk to Claus Meister, General Manager of Eisenwerk Würth GmbH, which is the oldest abrasive manufacturer of Germany.

Cover Page

Perfect Surfaces of Metal Cutting Tools Rounding of cutting edges with a drag finishing process

Science Update

Effect Of The Shot Peening Process On The Surface Changes In The 2024-T351 Aluminium Alloys

Author: J. Solis-Romero (PhD), A. Anguiano_García (PhD)

Good Vibrations

Mass Finishing - Media

Author: Paul Rawlinson

MFN Trainer Column

Collaboration between Industries and Universities

Author: Michele Bandini (Ph.D.)

Off the Beaten Track

A Steam Wagon

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

From Editor's Desk

MFN Becomes Official Collaboration Partner of FEMS

Author: Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.)


Another Major Restructuring In The Metallic Abrasives Industry: BK Koch Now Controlled By The Ervin & Frohn Coalition

Author: Steven Baiker, MFN Editorial Office

Manufacturing Blasting Nozzles For More Than Fifty Years