Vol. 12 January Issue
Year 2011




MFN’s 10th Anniversary! How a small vision turned into a globally-successful organization in the metal finishing industry

The publisher and founder of MFN, Steven Baiker, is certainly not a person who likes being in the center of attention. To the contrary, he always makes it a point to operate in the background. However, the 10th anniversary of MFN is an event that calls for him to speak up for once. The story about MFN is worth being told, so the Chief Editor Andrzei Wojtas insisted on interviewing Steven Baiker for this 10th anniversary edition.

Full-Service Stress Testing

An interview with President Lasse Suominen of Stresstech Oy

FE Simulations and Experiments for Better Shot Peening

This month MFN meets Mario Guagliano, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Politecnico di Milano, the oldest and largest technical university in Italy. We met him in his office and then we went to the Department Labs where we had the opportunity to see the powerful testing facilities and some experimental tests performed on shot peened parts under the projects directed by Mario. He collaborates with different industries in projects aimed at characterizing the role of shot peening in improving mechanical behaviour of structural and mechanical components, especially to enhance their fatigue strength.

Cover Page

Renowned turbine manufacturer utilizes state-of-the-art Rösler shot peening technology. A Significant Efficiency Boost for Fan Blade Production

Science Update

The Taguchi Methodology Used to Determine the Factor and Interaction Effects of the Controlled Shot Peening Process

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Nitriding Plus Shot Peening or Viceversa? A Synergic Action to be Better Investigated

Author: Mario Guagliano

Standards Forum

A Decade of Development

Author: Paul Huyton

Good Vibrations

The Different Sides Of Vibration

Author: Mathieu Geuting

Off the Beaten Track

How Time Flies!

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

Nadcap Column

I Guess We’ve Just Always Done It That Way…

From Editor's Desk

MFN Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Author: Andrzej Wojtas


Biocompatible CO2 snow jet cleaning for substrates used in medical technology. Process-Reliable Cleaning And Deburring With Snow

Author: Doris Schulz

Great Atmosphere at Leading Trade Fair for Cleaning in Production and Maintenance in Stuttgart, Germany. parts2clean 2010 – Highly Valuable Contacts, Concrete RFQs and Contract Conclusions

Author: Doris Schulz

MFN Refurbishes and Enlarges its Training Centre in Altena, Germany

Pangborn Group appoints Henrik Jensen President and CEO

Building an Environmentally-Friendly Paint Shop for SVW in China