Vol. 14 January Issue
Year 2013




Innovative Controls And Sensors For Shot Peening And Blasting Applications

MFN spoke to Mr. Silvester Tribus, CEO and Mr. Urs Tobler, Head of Peening Controls, of TBM Automation AG. Today TBM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of controls, sensors and flow meters for the aerospace and automotive industries. Premium products are offered that are used for shot peening as well as dry and wet blasting purposes. Recently, TBM entered a cooperative agreement with Roxor Strahltechnik.

A Unique Insight On Shot Peening

The Belchamp Technical Center is the most prominent development and testing site of PSA Peugeot Citroën Group. This impressive facility is located in Eastern France between Vosges and Jura, in a woody area, encompassing comprehensive laboratories and road testing tracks, to validate all steps of developing a vehicle. Manned by 1300 people, the Belchamp Technical Center operates an impressive array of 1400 testing equipment stations and 15000 measuring devices with two missions: Evaluating, improving, optimizing materials and parts, and Tuning up and validating components and medium size vehicles. The vehicles, components and parts are assessed on 32 km of tracks, duplicating all kind of roads (city streets, motorways, jungle trail...), under any meteorological circumstances (icy, windy, rainy...), with the mission to ensure maximum safety and performance. The crash test facility, using a 240 m catapult, is probably the most dramatic spot, where destructive tests are conducted to verify and control the active and passive resistance of any vehicles under all kinds of shock. High-speed cameras, shooting 3000 pictures per second, record the crashes under various angles, while hundreds of sensors record all parameters for prototyping, simulation and optimization purposes. MFN had the privilege to be invited to the Belchamp Technical Center and meet with the team overlooking metallic material resistance: Mr. Marc Courteaux and Mrs. Florence Funck.

Quality and Efficiency in the Painting Process

Interview for Metal Finishing News with Mr. Manfred Weil, President & CEO, Dürr Paint and Final Assembly Systems.

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Innovative shot blasting solutions for foundries. An Efficiency Boost For The Surface Preparation Of Castings

Science Update

Effect Of Tempering On The Low Carbon Cast Steel Shot

Author: Ruwei Liu, Xiangxiao Jiang, Hongju Gao, Chengmin Wu, Ruiguo Wang

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Gears, Shot Peening And Experimental Tests

Author: Mario Guagliano

Standards Forum

Outsourcing – Quality Standard Requirements

Author: Paul Huyton

Good Vibrations

Smart Machines

Author: Mathieu Geuting

Off the Beaten Track

The Memory Palace

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

Nadcap Column

Consistency and Globalization

From Editor's Desk

Being A Globally Active Company Can Offer A Variety Of Advantages

Author: Andrzej Wojtas


Genesis® Wheels - A World Of Application

Updated Dust And Fume Collectors

Same People... Blasting Into A Fresh Chapter!

Cleans Delicate Metals without Damaging or Texturizing; Works in Wheel Blast and Pressure Air Blast Machines

Welcome To The Biennial Event, SF Expo China 2013

Growth for 5th Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology from 8 through 11 April 2014 in Karlsruhe (Germany). In Great Demand: Booth Floor Space at PaintExpo 2014

Author: Doris Schulz

Emirates Steel Confirmed As Platinum Sponsor To Metal & Steel Middle East 2013