Vol. 14 September Issue
Year 2013




Metal Surface Cleaning Experts To Create Maximum Value For Customers

Ms. Rosanne Baiker, General Manager of MFN CHINA, was very pleased to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Wu Chengmin, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Kaitai Group.

Research & Innovation As The Key Of Success

Peen Service is a research and development center and a job shop for shot peening in Italy. MFN was able to get an interview with Michele Bandini, General Manager of Peen Service s.r.l, and Remo Norelli, President of Norblast Group.

Cover Page

Asking the Right Questions About Cartridge Dust Collection

Author: John Dauber

Science Update

Assessing Peened Quality Surface Using Microscopy Techniques

Author: Freddy Poetscher

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Shot Peening For Obtaining Nanocrystalline Surfaces

Author: Mario Guagliano

MFN Trainer Column

Competence in Quality

Author: Paul Huyton

Off the Beaten Track

Go with the Flow

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

Nadcap Column

Quality Is Everybody’s Job

From Editor's Desk

To be always reachable...?

Author: Andrzej Wojtas


Effect Of Surface Nanostructuration On Tribocorrosion Resistance

Author: Constance Morel

Two Rams Are Better Than One!

In Constant Growth In The Surface Treatment

To Announce Major Disposal Of Associated Anodising Equipment From The Manufacturer Of Surface-Finished Aluminium Coil

Energy Saving Operation At 15 Percent Higher Parts Throughput

Microfluid Finishing Technology

Author: Paolo Redaelli

Stress Measurements On The "Bizkaia Bridge" In Bilbao, Spain

Around 110 Exhibitors At The 2nd PaintExpo Eurasia

Author: Doris Schulz