VOL. 17 January ISSUE YEAR 2016


MFN had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Franci Jezeršek, Managing Director of Siapro d.o.o. The company's strengths are knowledge and appropriate use of new technologies in shotblasting/shotpeening/mechanical pickling/descaling.

MFN was able to obtain an interview with Charlie Gorman, Product Manager-Americas & Craig Wallbank, US Technical & Training Center Manager of Winoa USA, Inc.

Characterising a company that's been serving the surface preparation industry for over 70 years isn't an easy task. The MFN team recently met with Scott Nangle, VP, Marketing and Sales of Langhorne, PA (USA) based Empire Abrasive Equipment Co. to learn about their mission, "Engineering your competitive edge". Scott explained that though "everything airblast" is probably the most popular characterization Empire has earned over the years, this was set to change with their purchase of Gibson, a company specializing in wheelblast equipment, in 2012. Empire has seen significant growth in all their product lines over the past 5 years, prompting an expansion of their manufacturing facilities to accommodate larger and more sophisticated cleaning and peening equipment.

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