VOL. 17 September ISSUE YEAR 2016


MFN had the pleasure to talk to Beth Matlock, Senior Materials Engineer in the Materials Testing Division of TEC.

7,500 tons of installed steel, up to 1,450 technicians working side by side at the construction site and a contract volume to match: Erecting the paint shop for the new Volkswagen plant in Wrzesnia, Poland is one of the largest orders Dürr has ever received. Shortly before the facility is commissioned, everything runs exactly to plan. Vice President Thomas Gstettenbauer, who oversees project management activities for the plant engineering firm, reports in an interview how global projects are carried out at Dürr.


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Science Update

Author : Luca Petan, José Luis Ocaña, Prof. Dr. Janez Grum

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Author : Paul Huyton

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Author : Dirk Gather

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Author : Giovanni Gregorat

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Author : François-Xavier Abadie