VOL. 17 November ISSUE YEAR 2016


MFN had the pleasure to talk to Valerio Pezzoni, Turbotecnica Engineering Department Manager.

The Gala Group, headed by Mr. Kirit Gala, believes that "Innovation is about challenging conventional wisdom and finding creative solutions, challenging the obvious, and combining discipline and competency in precision engineering." It proclaims that it is engaged in engineering next-generation solutions for a world on the move. Gala is a leader in manufacturing torque fatigue disc springs, regular springs and strip springs catering to the globe. The company is also a name to be reckoned with in providing surface engineering solutions galore. Mr. Anand Kaundanya, Chief Operating Officer - Surface Engineering at Gala Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd. said that the company's innovations and engineering solutions help the customer achieve superlative quality and excellent performance of his end products.

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