VOL. 21 May ISSUE YEAR 2020


David Lahrman, VP of Business Development for LSP Technologies, discusses current breakthroughs in developing durable laser peening solutions for maintenance depots, whether parts are large, small, or just complex. LSP Technologies introduced its Procudo® Laser Peening System as a standard product for sale or lease three years ago. But custom versions of the Procudo® System now dominate its work.

Wheelabrator’s global airblast team builds sophisticated, ultra-reliable peening processes for demanding customers across automotive, aerospace, motorsport and beyond. From bases in France, Germany and the UK, the team provides cutting-edge airblast equipment, parts, services as well as – crucially - subcontract shot peening to a worldwide customer base. We talk to Yves Dufour, who directs Wheelabrator’s Global Air team as Senior Vice President, and Tony Grammauro, VP in charge of Wheelabrator Impact Finishers, about fine-tuning blast processes, the growing demand for high-spec peening and latest technology developments.

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