VOL. 21 September ISSUE YEAR 2020


MFN had the pleasure to talk to Marco Wildhagen (MWI), Sales Manager at Straaltechniek International (SIN) in The Netherlands.

The aviation industry is living through what can only be described as a stunning singularity. With fleets remaining grounded and the global pandemic marching on, aircraft manufacturers and MROs are operating (or not operating) under conditions of mind-boggling uncertainty. Here, we talk to Wheelabrator’s global airblast team on why they are continuing to build subcontract peening capacity in the UK and how this could offer a flexible way back for MROs. Yves Dufour directs Wheelabrator’s Global Air team as Senior Vice President, while Tony Grammauro is VP in charge of Wheelabrator Impact Finishers. Both workextensively with the global aviation industry, delivering super-high-spec, critical peening processes in the form of equipment, support and subcontract work.

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Science Update

Author : Hitoshi Soyama, Daniel G. Sanders

Good Vibrations

Author : Dirk Gather

Off the Beaten Track

Author : Giovanni Gregorat

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