VOL. 23 July ISSUE YEAR 2022


The company FerroČrtalič, a traditional, family-owned supplier of air-blasting equipment under the FerroECOBlast brand, has embarked on a new exciting journey – to become part of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry revolution as a key player in the specific, highly demanding post-processing segment. More about the reasons and goals behind this strategic move were shared with us by Mrs. Mojca Andolšek, Managing Director, and Mr. Benjamin Hlebec, Sales Director of the company.

Eisenwerk Würth GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality metallic abrasives founded in 1912. In 2017 the company started working on digitalization and the associated optimization of wheel blasting machines. In this interview, Martin Nevihosteny, Senior Technical Advisor, explains what makes the surface specialist so special.

Digital tools are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing as a whole but, so far, shot blasting has received less attention. Wheelabrator is filling this gap with a stream of innovative new digital tools that help optimize abrasive consumption, energy use and maintenance activity. Built on the company’s Monitizer digital platform, this makes previously hard-to-find information instantly visible while being quick and easy to implement. The company’s latest digital tool is called Machine Effectiveness. We talk to Frank Eiterig, Project Manager, Digital Products at Wheelabrator, about bringing digital insight to shot blasting and the significant benefits that this practical new tool delivers.

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