VOL. 8 September ISSUE YEAR 2007


Interview with Arnie Sallaberry, President, Clemco Industries Corp., Washington, Missouri, USA

Michele Bandini has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and teaches at the Mechanical Engineering University of Bologna. He is also the General Manager of Peen Service s.r.l. MFN published an interview with him in the last March issue and would here like to continue the dialogue with this intriguing personality.

Science Update

Author : Akira Kai (Ph. D.), Hitoshi Soyama (Ph. D.)

Good Vibrations

Author : Dirk Gather

MFN Trainer Column

Author : Kumar Balan

Off the Beaten Track

Author : Giovanni Gregorat, Contributing Editor MFN

Nadcap Column

From Editor's Desk

Author : Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.)


Author : Dipl.-Ing Helmut Gegenheimer, Managing Director