in Vol. 5 - July Issue - Year -2004
Successful MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in Coventry!

Hands on flapper peening demonstration by Official MFN Trainer Shlomo Ramati

Saint-Gobain ZirPro, a manufacturer of ceramic media


Peter Beckmerhagen (centre) of Frohn GmbH in front of his booth

Wolfgang Hennig (left) and Steffen Beckert of Rolls Royce Germany visiting Dr. Frank W

Chris Pallot of Impact Finisher (left) and Alan Portebois of Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann (right)

Craig Sirrell from Rolls Royce England asking Phil Moore of Metalltechnik (agent of Peening Accessories) questions about the Almen gage

Dr. Andrzei S. Wojtas (right) of Stresstech in Finland explaining residual stress measurement technology

Marco Klijsen from Straaltechniek in Holland and Alan Nudelman from Composition Material in the USA

Tony Blower (left) and M. J. Spencer (right), Managing Director of Pometon UK

Jean Michel Duchazeaubeneix (left), Managing Director of Sonats in France

From left to right: Neville Kaye, Albert Schlatter and Ian Hemmings of Disa Switzerland Graeme Steel of GE Caledonian (left) and Jim Whalen (right) of Progressive.

Graeme Steel of GE Caledonian (left) and Jim Whalen (right) of Progressive

MFN Trainer Giovanni Gregorat

Metal Improvement booth: MIC had a presentation on laser peening during the guest speaker day

Paul Huyton of Surface Dynamics UK meeting Corina Chircu from Romania

Lucas La Roche of Baiker AG talking to 3 employees of ITP Spain

72 people decided to come to Coventry on the 12th-14th of May 2004 to participate in the MFN Shot Peening Workshop and Trade Show. Visitors from 13 different countries were welcomed at the Hilton Hotel. An excellent response!
Most of the participants came from either the aviation or the automotive industries. Some of the most widely-recognized companies attended (alphabetic order, list not complete):

- Aeronautical Service Co., Inc.
- Airbus UK Ltd.
- Allevard Rejna Autosuspensions
- BAE Systems
- Bombardier Aerospace
- GE Caledonian
- Getrag Ford Transmissions GmbH
- IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries)
- Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A.
- Messier–Dowty
- Mubea
- Rolls Royce Germany
- Rolls Royce England
- Volvo Aero Corporation

Official MFN Trainers

The quality of any workshop is defined by its trainers. With the help of the Official MFN Trainers (alphabetic) Steven Baiker, Peter Beckmerhagen, Giovanni Gregorat, Paul Huyton, Alan Nudelman, Shlomo Ramati, Chris Rodopoulos (Ph.D.), Jim Whalen and Frank Wüstefeld (Ph.D.), the basic, intermediate and advanced courses were hosted with the necessary competence trying to create a team spirit in which the participants interact with the trainers.

Guest Speakers

For its guest speaker day MFN invited interesting personalities from the peening industry. Besides the already- mentioned team of MFN trainers, there were 3 guest speakers from France, 1 from Italy and also 1 from England (alphabetic):

- Francois Abadie, Saint-Gobain ZirPro
- Michael Bandini, Peen Service
- JM Duchazeaubeneix, Sonats
- Peter O’Hara, MIC
- Alain Portebois, ISPC WSL

Topics ranged from laser peening, ultrasonic peening and job shop applications to machinery styles and ceramic peening media.

Trade Show

Interest among the suppliers was outstanding. With a record number of 18 booth reservations many big names within the industry were represented. The following list is in alphabetic order.

- Baiker AG (Switzerland)
- Composition Material (USA)
- DISA (Switzerland)
- Frohn GmbH (Germany)
- ISPC WSL (France)
- KSA (Germany)
- Peening Accessories (Germany)
- Pometon (Italy)
- Progressive (USA)
- MFN (Germany)
- MIC (England)
- Rösler (England)
- Saint-Gobain ZirPro (France)
- Sonats (France)
- Straaltechniek (Holland)
- Stresstech Oy (Finland)
- Surface Dynamics (England)


The success of this European workshop has shown that there is a need to provide qualified shot peening training for the industry. This event was a real team effort not just by the trainers, but by a number of companies within the industries supporting the workshop idea. MFN would like to thank everybody for this trust. The coming workshop will be in Singapore, held from the 8th to the 10th of November 2004. For more information, refer to our webpage www.mfn.li, link "Workshops".