in Vol. 7 - January Issue - Year 2006
MFN To Become A Partner In Education In Nadcap

Arshad Hafeez (left) and Steven Baiker (right)

Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Industry Managed Programs, Research & Development at PRI (left) and Steven Baiker, Publisher MFN (right) during the meeting, signing the agreement.

Nadcap and MFN have agreed to recognise and promote the cooperation between the two organisations in areas of common interest according to their purpose, namely aerospace special process assessment. The cooperation will be known as “Partners in Education” and is intended to create synergy, making optimal use of the resources available, for the accreditation related activities offered by both organizations so as to provide an effective and efficient service to the aerospace industries in the world. It is intended also to facilitate mutual benefits between the two organizations.

The agreement between Nadcap and MFN was made official on the 15th of December 2005 at the PRI Europe office in London. It was signed by Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Industry Managed Programs, Research & Development at PRI and Steven Baiker, Publisher of MFN.
The two organizations will work together to host educational seminars, courses and workshops. They will use their resources to offer the best possible educational program for critical processes, namely shot peening.

Nadcap, who accredits special processes and products, as well as MFN who is host to workshops and training programs around the globe, believe that a qualified educational program will provide continual improvement within the aerospace and the automotive industries.
MFN, whose courses also include topics on "Audits", will benefit greatly from the expertise of Nadcap in this field. The industry has always had an interest in learning how to pass audits. The possibility to get this knowledge directly from a company carrying out such audits is certainly an advantage. MFN will invite key noted speakers on this subject from Nadcap on a regular basis.
Nadcap, which was founded in 1990, has by now over 2500 accredited suppliers of special processes listed on the Nadcap QML (qualified Manufacturers List. Furthermore they have conducted over 15,000 audits.

Arshad Hafeez, who was interviewed in the November issue of MFN, remarked: "With MFN we have found a partner who shares our philosophies and offers us a platform to inform and communicate with our clients even better than before." 
Starting with this partnership, MFN will be allowed to join Nadcap meetings, which are carried out every quarter. Knowing the needs and requirements from primes and suppliers directly, will give MFN additional means to improve its services and provide valuable learning and networking opportunities.

Steven Baiker, who was very pleased about this new cooperation, stated: "On a medium and long term basis, the partnership with Nadcap will not just allow MFN to exercise the training programs on a larger scale, but more importantly, it will make MFN constantly review its training means, integrating the input and feedback from the Nadcap organization".

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