Vol. 1
September Issue
Year 2000


in Vol. 1 - September Issue - Year 2000

Most people who are connected to the peening industry have had on one or another occasion to deal with an ALMEN saturation curve. The drawing of such a curve is, with few exceptions, done manually. One can in general not be opposed to a manual procedure. However, the results of a manual read-out of "T saturation" are alarming. Giving a series of test points to e.g. 6 different qualified specialists, with the task to draw the curve and to read out "T saturation", will most likely show 6 different results. It seems to be impossible to get an uniform read-out for this most important peening parameter. This appears to be a difficult situation. The need to use a software which first of all insures uniformity seems obvious. ALMCOM was developed in co-operation with "THE SHOT PEENER" which contributed essential know-how to the program. BAIKER AG has done numbers of tests in its workshop to confirm the results of this software before offering it to its customers. In the meantime, with the release of the 3rd. version, a large number of established companies in the aerospace and airline industry are using the software successfully in daily production.

Abilities of ALMCOM 3.0:
ALMCOM 3.0 draws the ALMEN saturation curve and reads out "T saturation". It creates the saturation curve according to the test points entered. A minimum of 3 test points are required. The software avoids mistakes which can happen in a manual procedure. It also has several interlocks which recognise if a test series of ALMEN points are unlikely or in an unusual order.
Except for the arc-height (y-axis), there are 3 input possibilities for the peening time (x-axis): seconds, number of cycles, speed of the nozzle. T and 2T will be highlighted in the curve and an acceptable tolerance for the test points can be determined. The difference between T and 2T will always be 10%. Furthermore, the software allows an individual creation of a data sheet to gather all kind of related information. ALMCOM 3.0 includes a number of help files, which, in addition to the operation manual, provide general knowledge about the peening process.
ALMCOM 3.0 runs under all WIN95/98 and WIN NT applications.

The importance of this software is not so much the fact that "T saturation" can be read out much faster than before. The key issue is, that no matter who generates an Almen saturation curve, using ALMCOM 3.0, the results will always be the same.

What is new in ALMCOM 3.0:
The new version is able to take an average out of 4 single test points to be used for the curve. That will make the curve more accurate. Furthermore, the customer has the choice to work with a fault supervision or not.

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