in Vol. 9 - January Issue - Year 2008
MFN To Host Its 1st Flap Peening Workshop Sponsored By 3M

Stefan Nowak, 3M Abrasive Systems Division Sales Director North Germany

3M Deutschland GmbH in Neuss, Germany is location for the MFN Flap Peening Workshop

Flap peening of a wing part

The flap peening workshop will take place on the 24th of April 2008 in Neuss, Germany. 3M agreed to sponsor the sharing of the training facility. While this event will be conducted in German language, MFN offers flap peening training also in English and French.

Flap Peening Technology

Flap peening or, as it is sometimes called, self-contained peening or Roto peening is a special case of manual peening used for small areas or for reworking parts.

The method was first used to enhance maintenance turnaround time for helicopters by the US military in Vietnam. It soon became a very important tool in SRM (Structural Repair Manuals) for most of the aircraft industry, both military and civilian. In these cases it is mostly on reworked surfaces where corrosion is removed and the abraded area requires renewal of the peened surface for fatigue life improvement and protection from SCC ( Stress Corrosion Cracking). In ageing aircraft where many SCC susceptible alloys were used the peening is of vital importance.

Flap Peening Workshop

The one day flap peening workshop will take place on the 24th of April in Neuss in Germany at 3M Deutschland GmbH. The course is accepted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and carries the identification no. #AGL/606/0006/8. On the one hand the training will teach about conventional shot peening knowledge and covers topics such as intensity, specifications, Almen saturation curve, coverage, exposure time, etc.. This basic information about shot peening is important to finally understand the flap peening process. On the other hand there will be specifically flap peening related theory. One will learn how to enhance the flap peening options, reworks, maintenance, quality & control and lower costs. In addition there will be practical flap peening training such as demonstrations of set up, intensity control, coverage, capability evaluations, etc. Ready to use flap peening equipment will be available. In order to receive a certificate of achievement, which bears the FAA identification no., the participants have to pass an optional theoretical and practical test.

Flap Peening Workshop sponsored by 3M

In September 2007, MFN had the chance to meet Stefan Nowak, who is the 3M Abrasive Systems Division Sales Director for North Germany. MFN introduced its on-site flap peening training to him, which is carried out by different specialized trainers around the globe. After extensive discussions, Mr. Nowak had the generous idea that 3M could sponsor the sharing of the training facility in Neuss, Germany, to host such a workshop. 3M is the manufacturer of the flaps and accessories and it seems to make sense that MFN and 3M would cooperate for the organization of such an event.

"We have an interest that users of flap peening equipment receive good training and have the means to learn more about the process. Since MFN has been teaching flap peening for many years, we were glad to offer our training facility for such a workshop.", Stefan Nowak explains. "Any cooperation which has the goal to educate people in a particular process, is usually a win-win situation for all parties involved.", he concluded.

For MFN it was a great motivation that 3M would support its training activity in such a fashion. The whole MFN team would like to thank Mr. Nowak for making this event possible.

For more information about this workshop, please see www.mfn.li/workshops.