in Vol. 9 - November Issue - Year 2008
First MFN Shot Peening & Blast Cleaning Workshop in Chennai, India

Official MFN Trainer Ananda Talukdar (left) and Juha Siiriainen

Residual Stress Measurement Equipment

The planning for this workshop was going on for a couple of months and finally the day arrived. 12 September 08 is a historic day for MFN India as this day the first ever workshop of MFN started in India. In addition the first ever workshop on Blast Cleaning also started.

On 12 September 08 (Shot Peening) there were 48 participants. The break up is as below:

1. Aviation Industry – 12 Persons
2. Automotive Industry – 19 Per.
3. Equipment Manufacturer - 8 Per.
4. Abrasive Industry - 3 Per.
5. Job Shops – 3 Per.
6. General Manufacturing – 3 Per.

The session went well with lot of interaction between the participants and the trainers. In the second half, Mr. Juha Siiriäinen, Official MFN Trainer from Finland took the session on residual stresses and their measurement technique followed by a session on hands-on training on a XRD machine. This session was very interactive. 16 participants registered for the achievement certificate on Basic Shot Peening course, which is recognised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All the participants successfully qualified for the certificate.
The general opinion of the participants before the workshop was that they were not sure if they practised shot peening as required. 

However, this understanding was greatly improved after the event. In fact, one of the participants who attended the workshop in Singapore 2 years before found the methodology and course material on a par with Singapore. This shows that MFN’s course material is uniform in all parts of the world. On 13 September 08 MFN conducted its first ever workshop on Blast Cleaning. There were 39 participants. The break up is as under:

1. Aviation Industry – 2 Per.
2. Automotive Industry – 21 Per.
3. Equipment Manufacturer - 8 Per.
4. Abrasive Industry - 4 Per.
5. Job Shops – 3 Per.
6. General Manufacturing – 3 Per.

The session was as informative as the first day. They could understand why and how a blast cleaning machine behaves and found it interesting that the blast cleaning process can also be monitored through SPC and TPM. Many myths on blast cleaning were cleared.
In the end, the first MFN workshop in India was successful. It is hoped that with every local workshop in India, MFN is strengthening its presence and networking in this important market.

Author: Ananda Talukdar
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