in Vol. 3 - August Issue - Year 2002
The 2nd. Asian Shot Peening Workshop in Singapore was visited by 84 people!

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guest speaker Giovanni Gregorat

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MFN booth

Pometon booth

GT-Baiker / GT Industrial booth

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MFN and EI have been very pleased by the outcome of the 2nd. Asian Shot Peening Workshop which was held on the 10th-11th of June in Singapore. Although shot peening was the prime subject of the workshop, vibratory finishing was also introduced by two guest speakers.

The fact that so many people attended the workshop confirmed that there is a real need for education and information in this field and region. The workshop was even able to attract a few people coming all the way from Europe and USA. The participants represented at the end a total of 13 different countries (in alphabetic order): Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and USA.

List of Guest Speakers

The guest speakers were selected to represent the different fields in the best possible way. We tried our best to avoid certain overlapping of the subjects. As host we discuss the curriculum with the different guest speakers ahead of time. The following subjects were introduced:

-Introduction to Peening
-Peening Intensity
-Peening Coverage
-Peening Location
-Peening Media
-Peening Machines & Equipment
-Specifications & Standard Practices
-Audit for Shot Peening
-A Case Study
-Computer generated Almen Curve
-Influence of Peening Media on the Shot Peening Process
-Surface Finishing Applications in  Engine Aircraft Manufacturing and Overhaul
-Cast Steel Shot for Shot Peening: Specifications, Manufacturing Process and Control Plan
-Airblast Peening Equipment Process and Controls
-Pneumatic Peening Process Solutions
-Keramo Surface Finishing Process

The guest speakers who were invited by MFN:
-Peter Beckmerhagen
(Frohn GmbH, Germany)
-Alain Portebois
(USF WSL, France)
-Jim Wahlen
(Progressive, USA)
-Steven Baiker
(Baiker AG, Switzerland)
-Giovanni Gregorat
(Pometon S.p.A., Italy)
-Jack Champaigne
(Electronics Inc., USA)
-Rolf Picard
(USF Walther Trowal, Germany)
-Peter Kendal
(Rösler Int'l GmbH, England)

List of Companies attending the Workshop

About 85% of the companies who enrolled for the workshop came from the aviation industries. Below one finds the complete listing:

-Airfoil Technologies Singapore
-Clemco Int'l GmbH
-FAT, Taiwan
-GE Engine Services Malaysia
-Hamilton Sundstrand Pacific
-IKK Shot Co., Ltd
-Koken Chemical Tokyo Co. Ltd. 
-Ordnance Development and
 Engineering Ltd.
-Pratt&Whitney Services Pte Ltd
-PT. Garuda Indonesia Engine Shop
-Shen Yang LiMing Aero Engine
-Shenzhen Pakpal Machinery
-Shimano Pte Ltd
-Sintokogio, Ltd
-ST Aerospace Engines Pte Ltd
-USF Asia
-Wyne Tech Inc.

Trade Show

The trade show is a vital supplement to the workshop. It is not just that one likes to be informed about the newest products available in the market, but it is also interesting to discuss questions, which may have been raised during the classes, directly with suppliers or service providers. A total of 12 booths were on display representing the following companies:

-Electronics Incorporated
-Frohn GmbH
-GT Industrial
-GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd
-Pan Abrasives
-Progressive Technologies
-Baiker AG
-Rösler Int'l GmbH
-USF Walther Trowal

Shot Peener Level 1-3 Certification

MFN was surprised how many participants enrolled for the optional Level 1-3 Shot Peener certification. At the end of the workshop, different repetition courses for level 1-3 were offered. Finally 34 took the level 1 test and 5 participants went for level 2. For the first time ever within the Far East region, Ms. Yang Qing of Shen Yang LiMing Aero Engine went for the very difficult level 3 test. 

Due to the fact that certain aviation manufacturers ask for operators and supervisors to be tested on the subject, the level 1-3 shot peener examination was introduced years ago. This shall allow a continuous education on shot peening until reaching level 3. Passing this level one should obtain enough knowledge to supervise operators.

A Level 1 signifies a person is qualified to work in shot peening under  supervision. One should be able to set up peening jobs with fixtures to run Almen strips and create saturation graphs. Furthermore one must be able to read and understand instructions on job procedures including diagrams of machine set-ups.

A Level 2 signifies a person is qualified to work in shot peening without direct supervision.  One should be able to do level 1 duties plus establish machine conditions for intensity and coverage and recognize machine malfunctions and take appropriate actions for corrections. In addition the person shall be able to inspect completed work for % coverage and should know how to maintain the quality level of media using sieve analysis and fracture count.

A Level 3 signifies a person is qualified to work as a supervisor and to also train level 1 personnel. One should be able to do level 2 functions plus certify work performance and evaluate performance of level 1 personnel. The person should have the knowledge to create job procedures and fixtures necessary for correct processing. Furthermore one has to have the ability to remedy violations of shot size requirement and shape requirements as well as intensity violations and must have working knowledge of applicable specifications and procedures. 


MFN plans to do the next workshop at the same time and location. Singapore is for most countries very easy to reach and hotels offer fair prices for accommodation. Most likely the 3rd. Asian Shot Peening workshop will be again at the Hilton, which so far has provided an excellent infrastructure for a classroom training and trade show. However, at the end MFN wants to listen to the feedback of the attendance. So if you have any recommendation or suggestion please contact Steven at MFN under e-mail: info.mfn.li or call Tel. +41.1.810 7377.

"For Pometon it was the first time to attend the Asian Shot Peening Workshop. Maintaining a booth as well as being a guest speaker, I was in the fortunate position to interact with the participants at different levels. I have seldom experienced such an interested audience."

Giovanni Gregorat (Pometon S. p. A. Italy)