VOL. 3 August ISSUE YEAR 2002


in Vol. 3 - August Issue - Year 2002
An Apology to the Readers of MFN from Jack Champaigne

The text below is reprinted from The Shot Peener Newsletter with my apology and explanation of starting a project with MFN to offer peening self-instruction courses which I learned I was not qualified to fulfill. MFN has been a great partner to work with, especially their leadership in organizing the Asian Shot Peening Workshop. I'm sorry to have disappointed the staff and readers of MFN and regret any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Jack Champaigne
Publisher, The Shot Peener Newsletter


Reprinted from The Shot Peener: Apology

I goofed. Big time. I agreed to work on a project that I discovered I could not complete. EI and MFN had planned to offer self instruction for shot peening training by drawing upon our workshop material. It sounded like a good idea. At first. But, the more I tried to convert my power point presentations into meaningful self-instruction the more frustrated I became. I then hired a consultant in curriculum development and started to see the enormity of the challenge. Then, in desperation I contacted key people in the industry, Boeing, US Air Force, FAA and asked for their guidance on this project. Their recommendations unanimously pointed in the same direction as my consultant. "Don't try this approach. Instructor knowledge and classroom feedback is absolutely essential to a positive learning experience."
So, my deepest apology to all of the readers of The Shot Peener and MFN. Also to those people that responded to the advertising and promotion.

Author: Jack Champaigne