VOL. 12 November ISSUE YEAR 2011


in Vol. 12 - November Issue - Year 2011
New Software for Almen Saturation Curve

Peening Accessories has just issued new software to better master the shot peening operations by computer handling of Almen arc height measurements, building of the optimal saturation curve, and determination of the saturation point as the Almen intensity.

This product has been elaborated and tested by experienced engineers and users, making it very accurate and powerful.
Advanced functionalities have been integrated to make it user-friendly and to avoid most of the current mistakes, in particular for fresh operators in production and control phases of the shot peening process. Some of the main new functionalities are described here:

Helpful New Features

• Easy language handling
language files in English, French and German (pending) are included in the original version and new languages files can be easily built and inserted by the user’s administrator himself,
• Imperial/Metric units Automatic and permanent conversion and display of,
• Automatic sizing and division of graph scales with the exposure zoom selection by a cursor
• Prediction and display of arc height for any exposure value, either by input of exposure time in the data input table, or by simply pointing at the curve with the mouse,
• Displaying automatic error messages in cases when:
- Almen intensity is out of the specified range,
- Almen intensity is too high or too low to be measured with the selected Almen strip type N,A or C,
- Measurement points are required below or beyond a specified amount of exposure.
• Direct input and integration of the pre-bow.

Easy and Reliable Measurement Data Input

• Easy measurement data input procedure by filling a table, so that, all data are always visible and accessible for change as long as the chart is displayed,
• Lazy ("Smart") input
- If 1.8 is typed as input and "minutes" are selected as exposure units, it will automatically be converted in 2'20" (2 minutes and 20 seconds)
- If 0.006 is input and "inch/1000" is selected as arc height units, it will automatically be converted in 6 inch/1000
• Adding or removing measurement points from the calculation and display by simple clicking in a check box above the data input column,
• Possibility to input data in any order and sort after wards,
• Versatile arc height input with a USB connection to the Almen gage; when the gage is connected data input is enabled on your decision either by keyboard or by USB port.


• PA² Software displays up to six Almen curves on the same graphic chart, just by opening several single charts and asking for "Multigraph" display.
• Basic example of use:
- Display the different Almen curves for several Almen strip holders on the same component
- Compare the effect of different peening parameters sets; shot speed, hardness, size or flow rate, stand up distance or angle of impingement…
- Display one or a maximum of four different Almen curves together with the two minimum and maximum specification Almen curves.


The full free test version of PA² Software can be downloaded from: http://pa2.pointdoc.net

For Information:
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Tel. +41.44.8312644, Switzerland
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