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in Vol. 13 - January Issue - Year 2012
E-Commerce Store for the Blast Cleaning Industry
Multi currency

Multi currency



Mobile devices

Mobile devices

BlastingParts.com positions itself as the e-commerce store portal to serve the global blast cleaning industry.

Since the beginning of the Internet age in the 1990s, many industries have been transformed, affecting the way business is conducted, and lifestyles of people around the globe have changed dramatically, permanently, and in many ways for the better. The world has become a much smaller place, people communicate and work faster, information is freely available and people can research and make educated and intelligent choices, both for their personal lives, and for the companies they work for.

Transformations in many businesses and industries have been seen over the years. For example, Amazon.com changed the way books are distributed forever, and now have expanded and added more products to their online storefront. Besides eBooks for Kindle, iPad and other tablet computers, online downloads of music and movies, together with the advent of mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Google Android smart phones and tablets are still changing the way things are done in the music and movie distribution industry. Continued evolution and change are the only things staying constant with rapid changes in technology.

BlastingParts.com services the global blast cleaning industry by offering manufacturers in the industry access to an e-commerce storefront for their products without the worry and hassle of maintaining such an online presence. This allows the manufacturers to focus on their core business while outsourcing the online store management to BlastingParts.com. Besides the operational side of online store management, BlastingParts.com ensures that appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are used and reviewed regularly for good website visibility. Online marketing tools such as social networking via Facebook and Twitter, regular content updates via RSS feeds further supplement this effort. In short, BlastingParts.com becomes the online marketing and online sales partner for their manufacturing partners who can stay focused on their core competencies, while relying on BlastingParts.com to manage their e-commerce business operations in the background in the online world.

BlastingParts.com works with its manufacturing partners via a service fee revenue model: annual fixed fee, transaction-based fee, or a combination of both. The online store serves all client types: end users, dealers, distributors, wholesalers and importers via a volume-based multi-tier pricing model. Pricing models are set in conjunction with its manufacturing partners and can be customized according to the needs of its partners. Manufacturers in the industry with dimensionally compact and high value products relative to worldwide freight/shipment costs such as Almen strips and gages, blast and spray guns/nozzles, spray and cutting tips, measuring and testing instruments, spare and wear parts, specialty valves and tools, etc… are potential business partners for the BlastingParts.com e-commerce business model. BlastingParts.com seeks quality conscious and reputable manufacturers that pride themselves in manufacturing excellence and stand behind the quality of their products.

BlastingParts.com accepts online payments in multi-currencies using live and automatically updated foreign exchange rates. The online store will display product pricing in the local currency of the visitor based on automatic IP detection of the visitor’s location. However, visitors can change display currency anytime when viewing the cart. Clients can also browse and buy products via BlastingParts.com using popular mobile devices such iPad, iPhone, Android, Palm and Blackberry smart phones or tablets. Products can also be sold on eBay, in parallel with the BlastingParts.com storefront.

Goods sold online are drop shipped worldwide direct from its partners’ warehouse location to the customer’s shipping location(s) via FedEx with online credit card payments processed via Paypal payment gateway. Multi-location drop shipment allows for cost savings from multiple goods handling and goods storage prevalent in the conventional "brick and mortar" supply chain model to be passed on to BlastingParts.com customers in the e-commerce online supply chain model. Online orders can be bulk consolidated and shipped to multiple destinations for convenience and best prices.

The BlastingParts.com e-commerce store offers an alternate "Internet age" supply chain model for both current and new players in the blast cleaning industry while supplementing the conventional "brick and mortar" product distribution model common in the industry today. While serving the needs of self-sufficient end user clients who can order the products they require online in retail quantities, the needs of industry dealers, distributors, wholesalers and importers are also met via dealer or wholesale bulk quantities at discounted prices.

Dealers, distributors and wholesalers already in the industry may consider BlastingParts.com as an alternative or backup source of products or simply use BlastingParts.com as the primary supply source for unsurpassed "click and ship" online ordering convenience. New or independent service providers in the industry now have an alternate and reliable online supplier of ready-stocked goods to draw from to service their customers instead of depending purely on conventional "brick and mortar" supply sources.

With the added convenience of online ordering using mobile devices, independent sales representatives, dealers, distributors and other industry players servicing their customers can simply order online and have product(s) delivered within several days to their customer’s site, while still sitting in front of their customers!

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