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11th Asian Shot Peening & Workshop & Trade shows a good and inspiring Spirit!
Impressions: 11th Asian Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show 2011 in Singapore

Impressions: 11th Asian Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show 2011 in Singapore

The Singapore workshop has always been the one event among the around 30 workshops MFN hosts every year all over the world with the highest importance for the organization. Not just because of the training itself, but mainly due to the fact that on one hand, it is connected to a trade show and on the other hand, it is MFN's main event where many team members meet. Therefore, the networking and expertise exchange with MFN members and the industry gives valuable inputs for improvements and further developments.

Shot Peening Courses for Three Levels

This year in Singapore, MFN presented its revised Shot Peening Training: For many years, MFN has taught FAA-recognized shot peening. The courses are divided into 3 education levels. In a joint effort that took almost a year, existing presentations were revised, new topics such as Photo Optical Particle Analysis, Cavitation Peening or alternatives such as Deep Rolling were added. In addition, one of the guidelines was to integrate a good mix of peening expertise from the aviation and the automotive industry. New videos were made and all presentations received an extensive visual "touch up". In this process, dozens of graphs and illustrations had to be completely redrawn either by computer or sometimes even manually. The result sets new standards in the field of shot peening training. Almost all participants of the courses in Singapore also registered and passed the optional FAA-recognized test in order to obtain a "Certificate of Achievement".

Mass Finishing Course

For many years, MFN has also offered vibratory finishing training. Vibratory finishing is a mass finishing process where work pieces (mainly metal parts) are put in a vibratory motion together with finishing media (abrasive chips) and chemical compound to produce the desired surface finishing or material removal. The effects of vibratory finishing include deburring, radiusing, surface finishing, descaling, degreasing, polishing and brightening. It was the fourth consecutive event of this topic in Singapore.

Guest Speaker Day

The second day of the workshop, open to participants from all three levels, was dedicated to distinguished speakers from various industries and institutions. The day’s program was completed by speakers from several industries covering a wide range of topics such as Peen Forming, Almen Saturation Curve Software, the Metallic Abrasive Industry, etc.

Trade Show

There were various booths at the trade show, representing manufacturers and service providers from China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland. Generous breaks during the day ensured that there was enough time for the participants to communicate with the booth staff.

Poolside Barbeque Party

MFN organized a social gathering that gave all workshop attendees the opportunity to establish useful contacts and improve networking. Special thanks go to the sponsors Abrasive Engineering Singapore and Frohn GmbH Germany for kindly financing this event.

General Information

MFN runs such education programs on a global basis in nine different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese). The trainers are supported by a team of 57 members that come from 19 countries. Far over 1000 people enrol in such training every year. The training is offered either during workshops or as on-site training. Around 30 workshops and over 40 on-site trainings take place every year. On top of that, MFN has its own training centres in Germany, Holland and Brazil. The organization, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, is supported by offices in 16 countries. MFN has built a uniquely global training organization in this industry. Besides offering FAA-accepted shot peening and mass finishing courses, the organization also conducts training in blasting, industrial painting, residual stress measurement and international business.
MFN is also a partner in education in Nadcap and the official collaboration partner of FEMS (Federation of European Material Societies).

For more information, please contact the organization at info@mfn.li or see www.mfn.li/training.