VOL. 3 November ISSUE YEAR 2002


in Vol. 3 - November Issue - Year 2002
Automatic Blade Peening Cell

In the Spotlight

USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann is part of the global USF Surface Preparation Group and is center of excellence in the design and manufacture of airblast control shot peening and precision abrasive for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries.

Flexibility and Precision: USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann has recently installed the first version of its new standard blade peening CNC machine, TR2 x 4N series.

Developed in close cooperation with worldwide aero-engine manufacturers and maintenance specialists the TR2 x 4N machine type is designed to offer the most flexibility and accuracy in blades peening treatment while minimizing tooling and set-up time.
The peening machine is equipped with two sets of two satellites able to handle components with a maximum envelope of 150 mm diameter x 300 mm height (400 mm optional).
Each set of satellites is located both side of a high speed revolving door allowing loading / unloading of two blades at the external protected station while peening two other blades in the insulated projection chamber.
The satellites when operating in peening position are numerically driven. Continuous rotation at variable speed, accurate angular positioning or interpolation with gun manipulator can be selected to optimise treatment.
The gun manipulator includes a 3 linear axis robot (X, Y, Z) completed with a wrist movement of the nozzle holder. Strokes, speed and precision of the 5 CNC  movement enable the guns to peen all the blades & roots surfaces with right incidence angle and determined coverage.
The shot peening is ensured by two or four pressure nozzles. The pressure generators G7 type allow to peen using glass bead, ceramic bead or steel shot with a very accurate regulation of shot flow and air pressure and with an overall air flow control.
The machine is operated through a multi axis CNC programmable in ISO language and teach mode. The machine is supplied with a PC printer and USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann  supervision software including the following facilities :
-Maintenance assistance with real time flow charts
-Equipment and process control procedure (Statistical Process Control available)
-Storage / Transfer of programs with graphic facilities
-Dynamic recording and storage of quality reports for each batch processed.
Various options are available such as:
-Recovery and classification for two or three medias including glass bead/steel shot or ceramic bead/steel shot mix,
-Automatic shot flow calibration unit,
-Masking and Almen fixtures
-Noise level below 75 dBA (80 dBA in standard).

Following current trends of productivity, polyvalence and fully controlled peening process cells, the TR2 x 4N machine completes the wide range of USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann peening machine and offers a global solution to all various peening processes requested for blades manufacturing and repairs.

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