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in Vol. 13 - March Issue - Year 2012
Metef-Foundeq chooses Verona
Mario Conserva, Vice President of Alfin-Edimet, the organizers of the event

Mario Conserva, Vice President of Alfin-Edimet, the organizers of the event

Mario Bertoli, Alfin-Edimet Chairman

Mario Bertoli, Alfin-Edimet Chairman

Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere

Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere

The next edition of Metef-Foundeq will be held at the Verona Exhibition Centre on 18-21 April 2012.

After 8 successful editions, Metef-Foundeq, the biennial show regarded as one of the world’s most reputable fairs for the aluminium, technological metals, and foundry sector, moves to the Verona Exhibition Centre. The 2012 edition will be held on 18-21 April at the famous trade fair complex located in Verona, a most suitable venue to match Metef-Foundeq’s international growth and to consolidate its role as the top reference fair, in particular for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin. MFN interviewed Mr Mario Conserva, Vice President of Alfin-Edimet, the organizers of the event.

(?) MFN: Why did you decide to transfer Metef-Foundeq from Montichiari to Verona?

(!) M. C.: The Verona trade fair ground covers 350,000 sq.m distributed in 12 pavilions, with 12,000 car parking spaces, a Convention Centre with eight halls, which may seat from 20 up to 600 people, and has a representative network in 22 foreign countries:

• can be reached easily from anywhere in Europe by different of means of transport;
• features functionally organized, cutting-edge logistics and infrastructure that can adapt to a potential growth of the volume of exhibitors to Metef-Foundeq;
• features marketing services and support in Italy and abroad on a par with the major international trade fair complexes in the world;
• boasts a solid and proven experience in b2b trade fairs, such as Metef-Foundeq, and enjoys high international prestige;
• just 2 km away from Verona’s historical quarter and strategically located within a region rich in tourist and cultural attractions.

In fact, the Province of Verona and Lake Garda and the Veneto Region together form a land of bountiful nature, beautiful landscapes, exceptional art and rich culture, a heritage of history and traditions built over the centuries. The city of Romeo and Juliet, the home of the "Areniano" Opera Festival, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco and "City of Opera and Poetry", Verona offers attractions and services that satisfy even the most demanding visitors. It offers the chance to spend an unforgettable stay, today enhanced by exquisite-tasting traditional local food and wines.

(?) MFN: Metef-Foundeq represents a complete and comprehensive view of the metalworking industry. Which production sectors are represented?

(!) M. C.: Metef-Foundeq outlines the entire metal production and transformation chain, starting from aluminium; it is currently the world’s reference event for such an important and strategic industry.

Metef is by now a regular appointment for all the most influential international operators in the extrusion sector, who find the best technologies related to raw materials, presses, dies, machining and profile packing equipment, warehouse automation systems, general equipment and products displayed. A sector that has always been well represented at Metef since the very first edition. Pressure diecasting represents one of the top industries at Metef where, since the first edition, the main European producers of diecasting plants and machinery, dies, trimming dies, steel for equipment, lubricants and release agents, design and simulation software have been exhibiting.

Foundeq, which is held together with Metef, is the international expo of plants, equipment and products for gravity, low pressure, centrifuge and continuous casting of metals (steel and cast iron, aluminium, zama, magnesium). The best technologies from leading international producers will be on display. Starting from the 2010 edition, Foundeq completed its offering with the Casting Area, a special exhibition area dedicated to castings in all metals. In 2010, Metef-Foundeq hosted the General Assembly of Assofond, the Italian Foundry Association, which chose the event as an ideal location for the most important annual event of the Italian foundry industry. Assofond is also a privileged partner of Metef-Foundeq in the organization and development of the Casting Area.Created in the 2010 edition, the Rolling Area, an exhibition area dedicated to rolling technologies, will be proposed again at Metef-Foundeq 2012. Hot and cold processing, finishing operations with particular attention to applications of foil in packaging, electronics, building, transport, machinery and furniture will be at the forefront of the exhibition.

At Metef-Foundeq surface treatment, joining techniques and machining are an even more important and strategic vortex of the exhibition. The best available processes, the most innovative techniques and the most environmentally friendly solutions will be on display.

(?) MFN: Which are the novelties of the 2012 edition of Metef-Foundeq compared to the previous ones?

(!) M. C.: Believing in the effectiveness of differentiation, Metef-Foundeq has researched and will provide customised solutions for exhibitors, targeted services, and different and effective instruments to promote and realise concrete opportunities for demand and supply to meet at an international level, in the belief that an international event must be able to meet the diverse and varied needs of operators. Among these, in 2012 exhibitors will be offered a special "business to business" service of trade matching, which, through custom appointments arranged between suppliers and customers, aims to promote and establish contacts with the top-class visitors, the most qualified buyers visiting the exhibition.

There will also be great attention given to technology transfer through round tables, technical forums, and seminars. The 2012 edition of Metef-Foundeq will host numerous conferences and seminars of a technical-commercial nature with presentations by industry experts on the latest innovations in the aluminium and metals industry. Among these are the 1st edition of the International Extrusion Forum and the Metef Innovation Award which, thanks to its success in 2010, will also be repeated in 2012. An initiative appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike for the high value of its technical content, the Award will once again highlight the most significant technological innovations presented by exhibitors.

Social events and shows have been scheduled to amuse exhibitors and visitors as well, offering some fun time amid full business activities during and after the trade fair. Amid these, do not miss the Metef & Golf tournament, one of the most awaited events for golf enthusiasts.

MFN would like to thank Mario Conserva for the interview!


«We are proud to announce the agreement with Veronafiere – explained Mario Bertoli, Alfin-Edimet Chairman – shifting the trade fair venue to Verona as from 2012, means opening new horizons for growth and success at the international level as well as a good example that create synergies and systematize co-operation possible in our country. Through our partnership with Veronafiere that offers excellent infrastructure, services and support on a par with the major trade fair complexes in the world, we will join forces and strengthen the competitiveness of Metef-Foundeq, already regarded as one of the world’s most reputable metalworking trade fairs».
Mario Bertoli, Alfin-Edimet Chairman

As Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere, stated recently «Consistent with the guidelines of the industrial plan, which includes among other things new shows in the portfolio, like Metef-Foundeq, which for five biennial editions will take place in Verona, we are proceeding to completion of the infrastructure. After the completion, last January, of the new car park in the area of the Polo Fieristico Spa, the construction of a new pavilion to reach 150,000 square meters of covered exhibition space is expected by 2013. This is in order to increase, on one hand, the multifunctionality of the exhibition centre and, on the other, to dimension it to the needs of the leading events in our product portfolio».
Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere

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