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Focus On Shot Peening
Calvin Chen, Sales Director of Shanghai Carthing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Calvin Chen, Sales Director of Shanghai Carthing Machinery Co., Ltd.

CNC gear peening machine

CNC gear peening machine

Kunshan Carthing Machinery Co., Ltd., China

Kunshan Carthing Machinery Co., Ltd., China

MFN was able to get an interview with Mr. Calvin Chen, Sales Director of Shanghai Carthing Machinery Co., Ltd. This Chinese manufacturer of shot peening and sand blast cleaning machines is located in Shanghai.

(?) MFN: We know that Shanghai Carthing has been leading the shot peening equipment market in China in recent years; how and when did you start?

(!) C. C.: Shanghai Carthing started manufacturing shot peening machinery from 2001. You know that the manufacturing industry in China has changed so much in the last ten years. Most of the factories have just started to focus on product quality, and we are lucky to witness a 10-year golden development period to grow up with our customers.

For example, the annual output of autos was originally around 2.34 million and most of the gears/transmission shafts did not have shot peening requirements to increase their life at that time, but the annual output of autos was sixteen million last year, and all the gears/transmission shafts etc. needed shot peening, and so we dominate the majority of the market.

We only focused on shot peening and sand blasting equipment through Shanghai Carthing from 2001, and now around 170 sets of CNC shot-peening machines from Shanghai Carthing are running smoothly all around China.

(?) MFN: How about your production capacity and quality control?

(!) C. C.: Our new factory was set up last year, located in Kunshan City, which is only a 40-minute drive from Shanghai city center.

The new factory floor area is 30,000.00 square meters and has four workshops. We have CNC shearing machines, CNC bending machines, CNC laser-cutting machines, and one CNC machining center in our factory to ensure high-quality machinery building. Our annual production capacity is around 50 sets of CNC shot-peening machine now.

We really focus on quality control, and our company, Shanghai Carthing, has been awarded the ISO9001 standard quality system, which we strictly execute. Quality is the life of a company!

Furthermore, our machines also have CE certification to meet EURO/USA customer requirements.

One of the things that I would like to comment on is our product range, which I believe is quite extensive. This includes CNC shot-peening, robotic shot-peening, CNC wet-peening and shot blast-cleaning machinery. As well as these, our Waffle Floor Recovery Blast Room, Paint Spray Booth and Drying Oven complement these to satisfy virtually any client request! 

(?) MFN: How about your R&D department?

(!) C. C.: Our R&D department is located in Shanghai. Last year we invested 7% of our turnover of 2010 in the R&D department.

(?) MFN: What specialist personnel operate your R&D Department?

(!) C. C.: Ph.D Zhan Ke is responsible for the R&D department, and we have four directions in our R&D department that include Metallic material research, Key parts research, Automation research, and Systems integration. Furthermore, we are also a partner of the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory in Shanghai Jiaotong University. As the lab has 4 sets of the Proto iXRD Portable Stress analyser and Proto LXRD Stress analyser, 3 sets of the Rigaku Ultima IV X-ray Diffractometer, and Rigaku Smartlab X-ray Diffractometer, we are not only a machine supplier.

(?) MFN: Which are the fields of application?

(!) C. C.: These are quite extensive, and include all those metallic components that are subject to fluctuation and fatigue loads. To give you an example, these would cover Vehicles and agricultural machinery, Drive system technology and transmission production, Internal combustion engines, Steam and gas turbines, and Compressors and pumps. Related areas include Aviation equipment, Chemical equipment, and Oil drilling equipment.

(?) MFN: What services like installation, after sales etc... can you offer to your customer?

(!) C. C.: We have the largest team to do installation and maintenance here in China. We always take care of the whole installation from mechanical to electrical control and training.

We appreciate that nowadays, service is very important to customers. We ensure 24-hour service here in China, and that means our service engineer will arrive at the customer site to solve any problems. Incidentally, we provide a 12-month free service to customers. As training is very important to customers, this is provided to the level where most of our customers can run the machine(s) smoothly. As a back-up for customers, we have on-stock spare parts such as nozzles, peening hoses, valves, filters etc. to meet their requirements.

(?) MFN: What are your targets for the global market?

(!) C. C.: Well, that’s the situation in China, and as we have focused on the local China market for the last 10 years, now we think it is time to show our ability to the world. In the global market, we are trying to set up agents and fulfill customer requirements of after-sales and spare parts, and all our machines have on-line services where our engineers can solve any problems via the internet, even though customers may be located in Shanghai or elsewhere.

I believe we can proudly say that our design and manufacturing are world-class for shot-peening equipment, and we have two advantages, which are firstly, that our manufacturing is based in China, and we have a great domination to offer competitive prices to our customers, and secondly, we are supplying European standard equipment to our customers. This makes us very confident that we can share some markets in the next few years globally.

(?) MFN: Tell us something about realizing the current development situation and aim in the future of industry.

(!) C. C.: I would say that, based on the current situation, trying our best to supply the best quality and the best price of shot-peening equipment to our customers are the most important things we should do. We think "made in China" should continue to increase rapidly in the next 10 years, and that’s our opportunity to share the shot-peening equipment market increase over that period. The global market from Europe to America, from East Asia to the Middle East and South Asia has great potential, and we hope to see our machines running all around the world!

Our motto is "Carthing Machinery, let’s do it better and better"...

MFN would like to thank Calvin Chen for the interview!

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