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in Vol. 13 - July Issue - Year 2012
Concept to Commissioning Solutions in Surface Preparation
Tribhuwan Raj Bhandari, Managing Director of Synco Industries Ltd.

Tribhuwan Raj Bhandari, Managing Director of Synco Industries Ltd.

Interview with Mr. Tribhuwan Raj Bhandari, Managing Director, Synco Industries Ltd. The company is successfully meeting the abrasive blasting & peening requirements of the clients. Having mastered the science and art of abrasive blasting and peening, they are offering a premium quality range of equipment that is used for various surface cleaning / preparation purposes.

(?) MFN: With over 15 years of robust presence in the Indian and global market for thermal spraying, shot blasting, shot peening and other surface preparation applications, how has the journey been?

(!) T. R. B.: The journey with Synco began in 1982. However, we entered the surface preparation industry by opening a separate thermal spray technology division in 1996 with an initial mandate to carry out surface modification and enhancement using thermal spray technology. It subsequently branched into manufacturing an entire range of abrasive impact blasting and peening machines as well as flame and arc spray systems. Overall, the journey has been a great learning experience.

(?) MFN: Is Synco’s strength limited to standard shot blasting and peening equipment or does it lie elsewhere as well?

(!) T. R. B.: The strength definitely includes shot blasting and peening, but does not end there. In the last fifteen years of these activities, Synco has been able to provide concept to commissioning solutions relating to impact blasting and peening, which includes object handling, media handling, air pollution control systems, acoustics for noise control, dehumidification and climate control including complete compressed air systems with electromechanical and PLC based controls. The entire design strength has been based on in-house efforts with ground-up work. It is a completely homegrown industry that has supplied very complicated equipment over these years to demanding organizations for demanding applications. The company is also supplying paint booths, metal spray booths, ventilation systems, acoustic rooms and climate control systems, besides providing thermal spraying services both on-site and off-site. Synco has also developed design strength in providing dust collection and ventilation systems for large industrial establishments. It has also developed air blaster systems for mining and other industries to be used for de-agglomeration of material stored, handling and silos. The strength of Synco primarily lies in understanding customer needs and providing cost-effective solutions in terms of technology, capital and operating cost and end results achieved.

(?) MFN: Any stars in Synco’s crown you would like to tell us about?

(!) T. R. B.: The journey has been long and achievements innumerable, especially since our strength lies in providing concept-to-commissioning solutions in customized applications and equipment suited to our customer’s specific needs and demands. We developed a suction valve for suction and firing of moist material for imparting a thin coating on substrate using a blasting process. It was like developing a hybrid of induction suction and wet blasting. Likewise, a very compact vacuum blasting machine was developed where the user had very stringent limitations in terms of height, width and weight of the machine, while still being able to blast 5 mts. up and 5 mts. down from its position without spillage of media or dust and automatic recycling. Such equipment was successfully developed and delivered.
Again, we were probably the first Indian company to design and supply a portable vacuum recovery system for abrasive media from a depth of 15 mts.

(?) MFN: Concept to commissioning solutions being your core strength, any instances you would like to elucidate on?

(!) T. R. B.: There would be many in fact, but the prime and the most recent one is where we are (again) the first Indian company, which is in the process of supplying on a turn-key basis, a blast cum paint room with media handling, fume collection, dust collection, control of volatile organic chemicals and provision for sound control, dehumidification, air conditioning, air heating and air changes along with a complete system for compressed air supply, safety equipment and PLC controls with man-machine interface. We have also supplied very complicated systems with satellite turntable and vertical lancing for continuous internal and external blasting for cleaning and peening of thin-walled cylindrical objects. Our system of multi-hopper-type suction-based full-flow abrasive recovery systems by fluidizing of media also doubling up for dust collection and ventilation and air changes for large blast rooms have been very successful. The advantage of such systems is lack of moving parts resulting in an almost maintenance-free system and its high suitability for collection and recycling of mineral-based media.

(?) MFN: With a long time spent in this industry developing customized equipment and catering to customer demands, where does Synco stand today?

(!) T. R. B.: Synco has been able to emerge as a single-window solution for all kinds of impact blasting and peening systems using air-assisted, pressure, induction-suction, wet and vacuum blasting procedures as also airless centrifugal mechanical systems and systems combining both air-assisted and airless methods of blasting. Its mastering of technology for doing blasting and painting one after the other in the same room without moving the object and keeping it under climatically controlled conditions while being able to maintain VOC level at 10% or less of lowest explosive level (LEL) is extremely useful for jobs which are heavy and difficult to handle, as also having areas which are difficult to approach for blasting and painting. It also ensures best possible quality of surface finish and longest possible life of over-coat, there being no gap between blasting and painting cycles -  and even if a gap is there, the object remains parked in a climatically controlled atmosphere ensuring no deterioration in blasted surface in the interregnum between blasting and painting cycles.

(?) MFN: Synco has been catering to domestic markets in India alone or has it left a footprint abroad?

(!) T. R. B.: We command a significant and stable market share in India, and have been catering to customer needs beyond borders with shot blasting, shot peening, metallizing and other surface preparation equipment being exported to and commissioned in Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Dubai, Oman, Australia, Germany, etc.

(?) MFN: What is Synco’s effort to ensure smooth and satisfactory running of customer’s equipment?

(!) T. R. B.: We believe in long-term and robust relationships with our customers. Our after-sales support services match global standards or might in fact lead the same. Synco has also endeavored to be, and emerged as a one-stop source of all sorts of abrasive media, metallic, mineral, cast, cut wire, plastic, nylon, organic etc. It also supplies wires and powders for thermal spray. Safety equipment too is available off the shelf.

(?) MFN: Last but not least, what future plans does Synco hold?

(!) T. R. B.: Synco plans to emerge as technology leader and innovative solution provider in its chosen area of activity by creation of a cohesive, competent, and motivated team that is customer-centric in its approach. It wishes itself to emerge as a leader in thermal spray technology, shot-blasting and shot-peening systems and solutions in the next five years. Standing strong and growing consistently with brand loyalty and internal strength going up by the day, we are optimistic about achieving what we aim for!

MFN would like to thank Mr. Tribhuwan Raj Bhandari for the interview!

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