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SF EXPO 2013 Mechanical Finishing Thematic Exhibition
Zhang Zhi, chairman of Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Zhang Zhi, chairman of Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

SF EXPO 2013 (The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition) is a biennial global surface finishing event which is jointly organized by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Powder Coating Institute, Guangdong Electroplating Association, and Guangdong Coating Industry Association. SF EXPO 2013 will be held in the Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, China on May 21-23, 2013 and MFN will become the official cooperation partner. By hard work and accumulation, SF EXPO is always committed to improving the surface finishing industry in all aspects, creating the biggest value for clients and providing all surface finishers with a perfect platform for business cooperation, technology exchange, and information sharing. The event is the first Surface Finishing Exhibition to become the UFI-Approved Event in the industry. In order to obtain information more deeply about SF EXPO 2013, MFN had an interview with the exhibition’s host Mr. Zhang Zhi, who is the chairman from Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

(?) MFN: SF EXPO has already experienced its ninth success and helped manufacturers to expand effectively, receiving a great achievement. What is the idea of the exhibition from SF EXPO?

(!) Z. Z.: Over the years we realized deeply, that a good exhibition in the industry often plays a role in the wind vane, and to host a good show, one needs to have long-term vision and good service consciousness. We must earnestly serve the exhibitors and audience, to be responsible for the industry. At the height of the industry, there are urgent industry needs, and thinking of business needs, planning concurrent international forums and seminars of technology to capturing breakthrough points, and solving the problems of its own development: energy-saving emission reduction, clean production and other practical problems are paramount. As the organizer, we should stand higher, see farther, and be committed to promoting construction of the industry as wll as, development of the industry.

(?) MFN: Mr. Zhang, please give us a general introduction about SF EXPO 2013 mechanical surface finishing situation?

(!) Z. Z.: SF EXPO is jointly organized by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Powder Coating Institute, and Guangdong Electroplating Association, and is a biennial global surface finishing event which is the first Surface Finishing exhibition to become the UFI (Union of International Fairs)-Approved Event in the industry. It is separated into four zones, including electroplating, coating, mechanical finishing, and vacuum evaporation coating. The expected scope is 10,000 square meters, and while concurrently holding the COAT EXPO (The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition), the total scope will be more than 20,000 square meters.

Since 2008, MFN and SF EXPO have conjoined, and MFN has strongly become SF EXPO’s official cooperation partner, with mutual promotion over the world. We are grateful to MFN for SF EXPO global promotion outreach efforts, and from 2011 onwards, MFN and SF EXPO have cooperated in-depth again, assuming the office of overseas promotion and booking work for SF EXPO 2013 Mechanical Surface Finishing Exhibition.

Mechanical Finishing Thematic Exhibition is an important part of SF EXPO 2013. The main content includes Shot-Blasting Machines, Sand-Blasting Machines, Lapping Machines, Deburring Equipment, types of Polishing Machines and Polishing Fluids, Abrasive Bands, Abrasive Wheels, Steel Shot, and correlated equipment, etc. Along with the rapid development of heavy industry, specially for automobiles that drives a rapid development of metal finishing, China these days has already become one of the most quantity-demanding markets for output of shot-blasting machines and sand-blasting machines in the world. The event will have professional management over a long-term period and will be promoted effectively and profoundly by magazine advertisement, outdoor advertisement, network advertisement, e-mail, message, blog, event promotion, and one-to-one method of visitors organized, in order to achieve valuable service and response for exhibitors.

(?) MFN: Would you please review the last exhibition?

(!) Z. Z.: SF EXPO 2011 was held in Guangzhou on 11-13th, May, 2011. This exhibition was the best held over the past years. Atotech, Winstar Chemicals, Uyemuba, Coventya, Huachuang Chemical, Artek, SanFu, Etsing plating, Sifang, Wagner, Nordson, Huanyu and other outstanding companies were in the special decoration zone. Visitors were more than ten thousand. The buyers from Korea, Japan, India, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries were occupied for 18.5%. Tours of the Associations from home and abroad or the large manufacture enterprises were up to 21 tours. This exhibition attracted more foreign buyers to attend, and reception recoreded the most tours compared with last time. Most exhibitors were satisfied with the effect of our exhibition.
Concurrent events have also be held: China Surface Engineering Association Working Committee of the General Assembly, the International Surface Development Forum, the New Products and Technologies Promotion, Guangdong Electroplating Association, the Second International Plating Technology Forum, Surface Treatment of the famous Enterprise Award Ceremony, and other meetings or activities. Each activity gathered experts from surface finishing industries and other enterprises to discuss the development trend of the industry, technology R & D, production application and many other issues together, greatly enriching the connotation of the exhibition. The exhibitors and visitors gave us a good comment.

(?) MFN: Please tell us about the preparation for SF EXPO 2013 mechanical surface finishing exhibition?

(!) Z. Z.: On the basis of the previous sessions, we started to operate the SF EXPO 2013 from June, 2011, with uninterrupted canvassing through the network, print, mail, message and so on to make propaganda abroad and domestic promotion. We have received active responses from domestic and foreign associations, media and enterprises. At present, we have created advertisements on more than 20 industry medias, such as Metal Finishing News (Switzerland), International Surface Technology (Germany), International Paint & Coating Magazine (Italy), The Industrial Coating and The Paint & Finishing News (Japan), India Powder Coating, The Material Protection, Plating and Finishing, Electroplating and Environmental Protection, Surface Technology, and so on. And have placed keyword advertising through Google. Meanwhile, visits to large enterprises from the surface finishing industry visit organization have been carried out simultaneously.
Concurrent events have been identified and the same period exhibitions as below are to be held: International Speakers on Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Technology, The 2nd International Surface Finishing development Forum, The 3rd Asia-Pacific Manufacturing surface engineering and Coating paint Conference, Guangdong and Guangzhou Electroplating Association Annual Conference, Guangdong International Surface Finishing Technology Forums, Awarding Ceremony for outstanding surface finishing enterprises, the 10th Guangzhou International Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives Exhibition. Many surface treatment industry events are to be held concurrently, greatly enriching the connotation of the exhibition, the exhibitors and visitors should be able to get more benefit from that.
On the basis of success of the previous sessions, and under the exhibition organizer's vigorous promote, many new and old exhibitors have booked booths. Enterprises scheduling booths include: Atotech, Winstar Chemicals, Uyemuba, Norilsk, Artek, Chingfeng, Kingsunny, Wagner, Huanyu and another one hundred well-known enterprises.

(?) MFN: What services will the exhibition provide to the exhibitors and visitors?

(!) Z. Z.: The operating work of SF EXPO has already begun, with the promotion of the exhibition; we will provide free advertising to those exhibitors who book a booth in advance. Three months before the exhibition, we will announce the exhibit preview of the exhibitors, in order to allow inspection by professional visitors more convenient. If exhibitors book the booth through the MFN magazine, the Organizing Committee will give them a 15% discount.

We recommend that companies that need to visit this exhibition can visit www.sf-expo.cn/en to make pre-registration; visitors who have pre-registered can get exhibition and exhibit product information and a visiting card in advance, so they can come into the exhibition hall without delay. In addition, the exhibition organizer will also provide tour guides, exhibition catalogues, a rest area, and free drinks for the audience.

(?) MFN: As we know, the SF EXPO has become a UFI-Approved Event, but in the industry, many people don’t know this and also don’t understand what UFI is. Please tell us something about this.

(!) Z. Z.: UFI is the acronym for Union of International Fairs, it was established in 1925, and is headquartered in Paris, France. It is the most important international organization for the exhibition industry in the world at present. UFI has very stringent certification standards and audit procedures for those exhibitions being certificated. Its core duty is to have authoritative certification to international exhibitions. It is a sign of high quality that exhibitions receive UFI certification; it means that the service, quality and visibility of the exhibition achieve a certain standard.

After a serious evaluation and audit of SF EXPO, we finally received UFI certification, and are the only exhibition of the global surface finishing industry which has been so certificated. At the same time, Guangzhou Wise Exhibition Co., Ltd. has also become a full member of UFI in the China area. By us joining the UFI, all the prospective exhibitors and buyers in the world can see the UFI certification mark, then they can understand that this is an international exhibition; we have a guarantee of the exhibition quality and service, and thus, this plays a role in promoting the decision of companies to take part in the exhibition or visit and purchase. Joining the UFI can also promote the exhibition internationally and professionally quickly. In order to serve the surface finishing industry and build up an exchange platform, we are committed to improving the quality of the expo, enhance onsite management, and provide an outstanding service.

(?) MFN: Thank you for the interview! We wish the 2013 SF EXPO every success!

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