VOL. 13 September ISSUE YEAR 2012


in Vol. 13 - September Issue - Year 2012
New Spark Arrestor Protects Against Dust Collector Fires
Spark arrestor

Spark arrestor

Jonesboro, Ark., July 2012 – Camfil Farr APC has introduced a new spark arrestor that provides superior protection to its Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collection systems. The new spark arrestor works without perforations or screens to take control of sparks and channel them away from the filters and into the dust collector’s hopper, reducing the chance of fire. Applications include welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and other spark-producing operations that do not involve combustible dust.*

Unlike conventional perforated plate-type arrestors, the Camfil Farr APC device works by creating torturous paths that give sparks and embers more time to lose the energy that they contain as they are directed to a safe area, while adding very little static pressure loss to the system. In addition, it is less likely to plug and accumulate material than perforated spark baffle systems. The inlet transition is reversible and provides horizontal or vertical entry without compromising control of the spark.

Modular construction of the arrestor makes it possible to handle varying air flow volumes. Each module can handle a maximum of 10,000 cfm, but the optimal volume is 7,000 cfm where static pressure is less than 2" w.g. The unit also contains an access door to clean out debris that may enter the dust collection system.

The new spark arrestor is offered as an option on new or existing Gold Series dust collectors. For product information, go to www.camfilfarrapc.com/products/gold-series/spark-arrestor.

*Combustible dusts require a spark trap that directs the sparks to a suitable container isolated from the dust collector.

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