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in Vol. 13 - November Issue - Year 2012
Surface Technology
Shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine





Rösler is now in India, providing high-performance, robust and yet still cost-effective surface treatment machines giving long life, along with complete process know-how in the field of surface technology. Rösler has always been a global leader in vibratory finishing and shot blasting machines providing its customers with innovative solutions in automated and controlled processes. There has been continuous development in the field of shot blasting turbines to handle very aggressive blast media with high blasting intensity, which gives a competitive edge in the shot blasting field.

M/s Rosler Surface Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of M/s Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, Germany and M/s Acton Finishing Limited, United Kingdom. Both these companies are pioneers in the field of Surface Finishing equipment and consumables, which includes Vibratory finishing equipment, Centrifugal High Energy machines, Shot blast/Shot peening equipment, Preservation lines, and Process water recirculation systems; and associated consumables like Ceramic media, Plastic media, Porcelain media of different grades, and various types of Chemical Compounds.

"Rosler Surface Tech" in India provides its local customers with the latest technology in the field of Shot Blasting, Shot Peening, Vibratory Finishing, and Environment Technology. As the Indian industry is expanding its manufacturing base for both Automobile and Aerospace industries, and consumer goods; the need for mass finishing processes and bulk surface treatments has emerged strongly so as to keep similar international quality standards in these fields. Rosler surface Tech started 3 years ago with its sales office and test lab in Bangalore, where extensive trials are taken for customers to achieve the desired finish with optimized process. For these trials, good inventory of media & finishing compound from Rösler Germany & Acton UK is maintained and also if required, a network is set to send components to them for special trials. Experienced & dedicated staff members that are well trained in Germany and UK study the exact needs of customers, discuss issues with their colleagues from Germany and UK, and work out appropriate solutions. In one years’ time, Rosler surface Tech will have their new manufacturing plant at Pune, which should further help its customers with local assistance and faster services. Local manufacturing will give not only cost-effective solutions to customers but also provide local support for all types of services for their machines, including upgrading of existing equipment and processes, and training in the field of surface Technology.

Long life shot blast turbines minimize the cost of ownership for shot blast equipment

Regardless of the shot blast application, be it shot peening, blast cleaning, paint preparation or paint stripping, the cost effectiveness of a shot blast machine is largely determined by the machine’s blast turbines. The patented design of the Rösler Long Life blast turbines with their curved "C" and "Gamma-Y" throwing blades combined with the use of extremely wear-resistant materials offers many advantages over conventional shot blast turbines.

The curved throwing blades of the Long Life turbines produce a very smooth flow of the blast media which, combined with the optimized blast media in-feed system, results in 24 – 30% higher throwing speeds than those achieved in conventional blast turbines. This happens at the same RPM and with the same turbine diameter! This gives up to 70% higher impact velocities. The result is not only a higher blast media throughput, but also a higher blast performance with greatly improved blast results. Also, the energy and blast media consumption is reduced by 15%.

There is a wide range of shot blasting machines like hanger type machines, continuous conveyor type machines, or tumbler type machines handling a wide variety of components like forgings, sheets, beams, hardware items, aerospace components or automotive components, as well as smaller or larger sizes, completely automated or semi-automated, as per the requirements. Well-designed equipment for recirculation of blasting media claims maximum yield and adequate air filtration systems take care of the environment. Use of special wear-resistant materials ensures long life and ensures availability of equipment for desired production times.

A surface finish that meets strict quality requirements

At Rösler, mass finishing process technology is systematically integrated through finishing equipment, handling automation, post treatments, feeding and reclaiming of compound and media. A total solution is available with a long history of proven results. Components like medical implants, bearing parts, automobile parts, aerospace parts, hardware parts, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, furniture handles, hinges, die-castings and stampings, cutlery, knives and hand tools, coins and spectacle frames or jewelry; all need their specified surface finish whether for engineering application or for mere decorative purpose / aesthetic appeal. All this finishing needs to be done in large volumes and not individually, like in earlier days.

Rösler offers a wide range of mass finishing machines for surface finishing to cater to its customers– vibrators (standard, long radius, trough, spirals and continuous), high energy centrifuges, drag finishers, and plunge finishers. These machines help to achieve highly finished isotropic surfaces covering the entire surface of the components with high repeatability. They use environmentally friendly soap or polishing compounds besides ceramic or abrasive media which are all available at one place under one roof with Rosler Surface Tech Ltd. Specialised processes like Keramo-Finish® and REM-accelerated processes can be used for specific components depending on their surface requirements. Operations like deburring (without secondary burr), edge breaking, radiusing, etc., can also be done using these machines & processes. Pre-treatments like degreasing and de-oiling; post-treatments like cleaning, drying, dipping, passivation, corrosion prevention, etc., can be clubbed together in the process to avoid intermediate handling.

Environmentally friendly systems

Water treatment equipment separates solid waste from water used in the process (effluents) with effective flocculants, and cleans the water through centrifugal filtration. Recycled water is supplied to the finishing equipment and what minimal sludge finally remaining is disposed of.

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