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Solutions For The Surface Finishing Of Pipes
Pic. 1: Shot-blasting unit AC-1 PR for thread treatment

Pic. 1: Shot-blasting unit AC-1 PR for thread treatment

Pic. 2: Abrasive silos under pressure

Pic. 2: Abrasive silos under pressure

Pic. 3: The software management of the unit

Pic. 3: The software management of the unit

Pic. 4: Example of internal and external blasting for threads

Pic. 4: Example of internal and external blasting for threads

Pic. 5: Turbine shot-blasting unit for pipes

Pic. 5: Turbine shot-blasting unit for pipes

A passion for details

Turbotecnica S.p.A. is an Italian company founded in 1981. With its 30 years of experience, Turbotecnica has reached a very important target in the "Piping" sector. Turbotecnica has developed an automatic machine able to roughen the internal and external threads of petroleum pipes. The pipe threads are shot-blasted before applying a special anti-friction product that ensures a perfect seal, thus avoiding the use of grease and oils. Thanks to this improvement, the process of installation does not imply the use of substances that are both polluting and harmful to the environment.

Turbotecnica has extensive experience in the production of special equipment (Pic. 1) tailored to the customer’s needs. The design priority is to develop machines of simple construction so as to significantly reduce the risk of breakage and wear of the components.

Turbotecnica works hard and continues to work in partnership with leading suppliers. This collaboration allows Turbotecnica to implement the best final product.

Five plants with different applications for each company are installed on the international market. They continuously work meeting programming and production requirements and ensuring the required roughening Ra.

The unit is fully automatic. It consists of a mobile cabinet with wear-resistant coating and a fixed high pressure sandblaster (Pic. 2) connected to a cyclone able to recover the abrasive and separate it from the dust. The filter unit has 4 cartridges, and its task is to remove the dust produced during the shot-blasting process which is then intercepted by the cyclone.

The self-cleaning filter cartridge-type FCA perform dry de-dusting of the air intake from the shot-blasting plants, ensuring compliance with the regulations related to the emissions into the atmosphere.

A pulse system of compressed air assures the cleaning of the cartridges: the powder is collected in a wheeled container under the hopper of the filter.
An electronic control unit runs the washing pulses.

Simple and efficient

To reach the final plant, a meticulous process is carried out. The key part is the software management (Pic. 3). The software has the task of managing different sensors on the machine such as the position of the blasting lance, progress plant, tube size detection, rates of progress, rotation, and process.

The process is automatic. After setting the recipe in the work program, the sensors detect the type of pipe and carry out the blasting process.

It is possible to input up to 200 customizable "recipes" in this type of software.

Many solutions; one product

After years of experience in indoor and outdoor blasting by compressed air, Turbotecnica design department has developed a nozzle with a special profile that is highly resistant to wear. The nozzle is installed on a spear with numerical control (Pic. 4) and is able to reach all points of the thread - both internal and external corners. It is also able to perform precise and fast operations, to adapt to each tube profile passing from internal to external blasting for pipes from 2" to 24" for this type, and 36" for the type with larger dimensions.

Shot-blasting turbine

Turbotecnica also specializes in shot-blasting of pipes of large diameter (Pic. 5). Turbotecnica produces machines able to treat pipes from 1" up to 96" with power starting from 5.5kW to 75kW with one or more turbines positioned on the top, in the lower position, or fixed on a telescopic arm in case of internal shot blasting.

The feature that sets us apart from competitors is the design and implementation of automated handling systems, automatic loading / unloading and progress through customized rolls conveyor.

Turbotecnica can also develop any type of automatic machine for any kind of application.

Turbotecnica goal is the end result

These years Turbotecnica has been confronted with international realities. The ability to coordinate and promote the highest standards has ensured technical improvements including the management and enhancement of certification tests.

The resources and expertise of the technicians are focused on increasing the levels of construction for the benefit of the final users.

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