VOL. 13 November ISSUE YEAR 2012


in Vol. 13 - November Issue - Year 2012
Smooth Promotion of Mechanical Finishing Thematic Exhibition

The biennial SF EXPO is the unique UFI-approved professional International Surface Finishing Exhibition in the world. Upon request of the exhibitors and visitors, an Independent exhibition area is set up for Mechanical Surface Finishing Expo, which made the SF EXPO more comprehensive and professional. MFN has become the official partner of SF EXPO 2013 and is mainly responsible for overseas promotion of mechanical surface finishing expo. The promotion has turned out to be successful, for all shot blasting, sandblasting enterprises are optimistic to the Chinese market, and speak highly of SF EXPO 2013 proposal. Moreover, SF EXPO wins support and participation intentions from the Surface Finishing Associations and media from the United States, Italy, Germany, Korea, Singapore, India, Brazil and other countries.

In addition, SF EXPO has cooperated with Google, the world's largest search engine company, and put keywords (Sand blasting, Shot blasting, Grinding, Polishing) on its search bar in over ten countries, like the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India. There are nearly 200 daily clicks everyday. Besides, deep cooperation are reached with dozens of trade media, including International Paint & Coating Magazine (ITA), Ore and Metals (RU), The Industrial Coating (JP), The Paint & Finishing News (JP), The Shot Peener (USA), Metal Finishing /China & Asia (USA), India Powder Coating, Surface Finishing & Blasting News.

The domestic promotion has also made progress. At present, ads are put on more than 40 professional websites, like Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Grinding, and Surface Finishing. Furthermore, more than 30 domestic professional associations also help recommend the exhibition to their members through various activities. Many automobile manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, hardware processing factories, and shot blasting processing factories are invited by SF EXPO to attend the exhibition.

With the publicity of the host and the support of all parties, all the preparation work is proceeded step by step. At present, more than 60% of the booths have been booked. The number of domestic and overseas pre- registration visitors has also exceeded 2000.

The Mechanical Finishing Thematic Exhibition, independent exhibiting area of the 10th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing Exhibition, has made steady progress in its domestic and overseas promotion and visitor's organization since its official launch last September.

In overseas promotion, cooperative agreements have been reached with a dozen trade media, including Swiss Metal Finishing News, Italian International Paint & Coating Magazine, Japanese The Industrial Coating and The Paint & Finishing News, American Metal Finishing /China & Asia. Among them, Swiss MFN and Italian IPCM have become the official partners of SF EXPO 2013 and have organized overseas suppliers to participate SF EXPO. In addition, the SF EXPO committee is preparing for the Singapore and American SF seminars to make further overseas publicity for SF EXPO 2013.

Since the end of last year, the SF EXPO committee has cooperated with Google to put keywords on its search bar in over ten countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and India. This promotion for SF EXPO 2013 is highly effective with more than 200 daily clicks.

Meanwhile, the domestic advertisements are also proceeding gradually. At present, cooperative media are Grinding business Website, China Grinding Website, Abrasives Website, China Shot Blasting Machine Website, China Sand Blasting Machine Website, China Shot Blasting Website, China Superhard Material Website and so on. In addition, after the promotion of China’s Foreign Trade Exhibition, Zhengzhou International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition, PCI Exhibition, SAE-China Annual Meeting, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, SF EXPO Committee is planning to make promotion programs in China International Hardware Show, GuangZhou Metalworking Exhibition, and DongGuang Die-Casting Exhibition.

As SF EXPO 2013 is approaching, there are hundreds of enterprises registered in the exhibition, and other publicity programs will be carried out soon. Thanks for your kind attention.

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