VOL. 14 January ISSUE YEAR 2013


in Vol. 14 - January Issue - Year 2013
Same People... Blasting Into A Fresh Chapter!
Plana II abrasive control valve

Plana II abrasive control valve

Fina II abrasive control valve

Fina II abrasive control valve

Corsa II abrasive control valve

Corsa II abrasive control valve

Quikstop II remote control handle

Quikstop II remote control handle

Waffle floor abrasive recovery system

Waffle floor abrasive recovery system

Pulse jet dust collector

Pulse jet dust collector

QR code

QR code

There is a saying that the key to unlocking a company’s hidden values is to review its history and traditions. For four decades, Pan Abrasives has provided clear, functional and rational solutions to the surface preparation industry worldwide.

Today, the company stays fully motivated, and is driven by an uncompromising focus on transforming ideas into products and uncovering opportunities where others may see obstacles. Its business vision: World-Class Manufacturing, Product Development and Global Distributor Partnerships.

Moving forward, as part of a brand revitalization exercise to clearly define the roles of its brand assets, the former Pan Abrasives entities in Singapore and China begin a fresh chapter, rebranded as PanBlast to consolidate its position as an international brand leader for "Innovation, Service & Quality Excellence". With a Stanford Design Program Alumni at its helm, PanBlast continues to produce the latest design innovations within the surface preparation industry worldwide, bringing creative solutions to conventional problems.

A one stop global partner

PanBlast designs, develops and manufactures top quality equipment, accessories and parts for the global surface preparation industry from its factories in China and Singapore. PanBlast products are marketed and sold in over 80 countries worldwide via an extensive network of distributors, dealers and OEM’s.

What PanBlast can do for distributors & dealers

• Product Comparison & Evaluation Test Reports
• Technical Support & Training
• Industry Brand Cross Referencing Data
• Marketing & Exhibition Support
• Preferential Treatment for New Product Launches

What PanBlast can do for OEM clients

• Supply in OEM Branding, Marking & Colors
• Product Design & Development
• Component Manufacturing & Sourcing
• Product Assembly & Manufacturing
• Mold Fabrication & Management

New directions

PanBlast has now set up sales liaison offices within the UK and U.S. to provide support during business hours to its clients in these time zones. The dedicated team that clients are familiar with continues to support and provide service excellence in the future under the PanBlast brand.

The former abrasives distribution business of Pan Abrasives is now separate from the PanBlast manufacturing business and will continue operations in their traditional markets as separate business entities under independent management.

Filling the void in "World-Class" marketing

Being a leading manufacturer within the Surface Preparation Industry, PanBlast understands the growing requirements of the market and its responsibilities in being a forerunner of innovation. By actively developing the latest product designs; PanBlast contends hard against falling into complacency amongst those who subscribe to the saying of "how things are today, is how they will be in the future".

As global manufacturing sectors continue to evolve amidst the ever-changing external environment, it has become quite evident within the Surface Preparation Industry that there is a complete lack of "World-Class" marketing and technical support literature available to accommodate rising standards in service which many distribution partners now require.

PanBlast recognised this weakness within the industry, and again has taken a leading role in support of the constant product design innovation and as part of its education advocacy with "World-Class" marketing materials, backed by cutting edge graphics - to meet and exceed expectations.

Website development

Revolutionary steps are now underway with the PanBlast website which will be linked to its manufacturing back-end with Cloud delivery of the latest technical information to supplement conventional hard copy literature and manuals, which are usually already outdated at time of printing. To further engage the online audience and provide an interactive brand experience, the PanBlast website will also feature a wide range of dynamic viewing options of its line of products which include close-up zooms, and alternative as well as 360-degree spin views. Flash page flip-style eCatalogs of product operating manuals, product application guides and product technical guides will also be available online in conjunction with groundbreaking graphic illustrations on industry applications for PanBlast products.

The latest edition

As part of its product development program, PanBlast proudly presents the modular Waffle Floor Abrasive Recovery System for blast room applications. It features a series of hoppers fabricated from steel plates, covered with a floor grid. High velocity air is drawn through a slot in the bottom of the hopper, which in turn pneumatically conveys the abrasive, dust and debris to the Cyclonic Reclaimer Assembly.

The triangulated construction of the Waffle modules allows the floor to withstand extremely high floor loadings, and the absence of any moving mechanical parts leads to almost no maintenance or downtime. The shallow design of the Waffle modules also overcomes the need for expensive pits or excavations typically required with conventional mechanical type systems.

The Cyclonic Reclaimer Assembly features an adjustable inner and outer cone, allowing the intensity of the abrasive media separation process to be varied accordingly to individual operating conditions as well as varying abrasive types and sizes.

An abrasive resistant lining is also featured within the Airwash Reclaimer Housing to minimize wear and ensure an extended service life.

A dedicated, jumbo cartridge type, reverse pulse, "Down Draft" Recovery Dust Collector provides the air-flow required for the abrasive media recovery process, with the dust collector featuring electronically controlled automatic pulse jet valves and sequencers.

QR codes

PanBlast now use QR codes throughout its media publications, providing access to information via mobile devices. QR codes will be available for accessing multi-levels of technical information such as, newsletters, product application guides, product technical guides and detailed operators manuals from its resource library.

New inroads

Keeping at the forefront of innovation, PanBlast will be making more exciting announcements in the upcoming months with a refreshing series of innovative new products, marketing materials for distributor support, online distributor training programs, and regional distributor training courses, etc...

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