VOL. 14 January ISSUE YEAR 2013


in Vol. 14 - January Issue - Year 2013
Welcome To The Biennial Event, SF Expo China 2013

The 10th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Expo (known as "SF Expo") is going to be held in Guangzhou on May 21-23, 2013. SF Expo is one of the UFI-approved events held every two years by five excellent organizations including China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Powder Coating Institute U.S., Guangdong Electroplating Association and Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. As an official partner of SF Expo, MFN strives to promote SF Expo China in global markets. At present, the marketing programs, visitor organization, exhibitor registration and concurrent conference preparation are all going smoothly as planned.
A series of leading meetings will be held together with SF Expo China 2013.
1. The 2nd International Surface Finishing Industry Summit and Match-making Seminar for International surface finishing associations will gather representatives of associations and enterprises from China and abroad, to share the leading trends of global surface finishing industry.
2. The Directors and General Secretaries Meeting of China Electroplating Association will attract industry associations all over China to attend.
3. The 3rd Surface Technology and Coatings Asia 2013, is a leading-edge forum for automotive and construction machinery industry. Over 100 attendees will visit SF Expo China.
4. The Annual Symposium of China Electroplating Association, Technology Forum of Surface Finishing Industry, Outstanding Enterprises Presentation, will be held concurrently.
Focusing on exhibition as well as reflecting the leading trends and innovations in the global industry, SF Expo China 2013 aims to attract more quality visitors and build a better platform for exhibitors.
After more than one year of preparation, SF Expo has been recognized and reserved by a great number of enterprises, Atotech, Uyemura, Winstar Chemicals, Ultra-union, Norilsk, Artek, Sanfu Chemical, Etsing, Wagner, Nordson, Gema, Huan Yu, to name just a few. These enterprises have already booked larger areas ( 91 m2, 72 m2, etc.) compared with the last session. Along with further promotion and advertising, more and more renowned companies are on the way to SF Expo.

For Information:
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Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
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