VOL. 14 March ISSUE YEAR 2013


in Vol. 14 - March Issue - Year 2013
Robotized Wave Finishing Programme
RoboTEP Wave Finishing Rollwasch

RoboTEP Wave Finishing Rollwasch

The robotized Wave Finishing programme represents the solution for the mass metal finish that allows achievement of new goals: top automation level of the finishing process, extreme efficiency in productivity and quality, with reduced cycle time in a few minutes. Thanks to its innovative design, such as the multichannel technology (Patent Pending – I), the Wave Finishing plants RoboTEP-Mcn can perform deburring, smoothing, and polishing treatments with extremely reduced space and time. Joining the use of these plants with innovative technology of the Rotodry process (Patent Pending – I), it is possible to perform completely dry processes. Finally, thanks to the technology "Media Smart", the plants can benefit from the automatic replacement of the finishing media.

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