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in Vol. 14 - May Issue - Year 2013
MFN revises all its Training Programs periodically

Education has become one of MFN's most important activities. What started over 12 years ago with a simple one-day training for shot peening, has extended to many different educational programs. The organisation offers courses on shot & flap peening, blasting, mass finishing, residual stress measurement and industrial painting. Furthermore custom-made training, practical shot peening training and consulting are frequently required services.

Every year, MFN teaches well over 1000 people in different fields. There are workshops and on-site training in 9 languages in nearly 20 countries. To make sure that the participants have access to experts in every field and country, the organisation had to extend its trainer team to around 40 specialists from around the world. They are supported by a selected group of scientific advisors that all have a Ph.D. degree in engineering or material science. Most of the scientific advisors also teach at Universities. With this network and support, premium quality training can be provided that is unique in our field. At a total of 3 training centres located in German, Holland, and Brazil, there is, depending on location, access available to CNC-controlled air peening equipment, wheel peening machines, photo optical particle analysers, Ervin testers, sieve shakers and other accessories.

However, this extensive infrastructure and network would be of no use, if the training itself would not be constantly improved and modified. Each of the different training programs receives a complete revision approximately once every 2 years.

Revision of Shot Peen and Flap Peen Training:

MFN shot peen and flap peen training has long been established as world class instruction in these processes. The shot peen training is presented in three levels to provide appropriate courses for all disciplines from workshop practice to engineering issues. The courses are currently subject to a thorough revision to ensure that they represent the very latest information and best practice. The revision, which is carried out by Paul Huyton, Director of Shot Peening Training, will include more information on the interpretation of saturation curves, additional guidance on media tests and characteristics, process improvement using SPC and surface nano-crystalization techniques. The revision will be complete for summer 2013 and the optional FAA-accepted certification will remain as the verification of individual competency.

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Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas