VOL. 14 May ISSUE YEAR 2013


in Vol. 14 - May Issue - Year 2013
Rösler Company Invests 8.5 Million Euro

7741 individual pallet locations: The new high bay warehouse of the R

7741 individual pallet locations: The new high bay warehouse of the R

The market leader for mass finishing and shot blast technology is expanding its main manufacturing plant in Memmelsdorf, Germany, with a 17-storeyhigh bay warehouse. Two new buildings for laser cutting and a compact warehouse went already into operation last fall.

During the past months, the Rösler location in Memmelsdorf, Germany, resembled a huge construction site: The Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH has invested 8.5 million Euros to expand its equipment manufacturing facility. With this new investment, the company is sending a clear signal in favor of the manufacturing base Germany. A special highlight is the new high bay warehouse. With a footprint of 1,400 square meters (14,000 square feet) and 17 floors, this new warehouse offers a total of 7,741 pallet locations for warehousing consumables (mass finishing compounds and media) as well as machine and spare parts. With this investment in "intelligent" warehousing capacity, Rösler expects to significantly improve the response times for customer requests for after-sales-service.
Exactly within the scheduled completion date, the high bay warehouse went into operation during the first week of January. It allows receiving/dispatching 100 pallets per hour through the truck load/unload station. Rösler also expanded its manufacturing area. Last fall, two new buildings were completed with a total footprint of 3,500 square meters (35,000 square feet). Essentially, the complete laser cutting & warehousing operation was transferred into these new buildings. This includes the two existing Trumpf laser cutting units with the linked compact storage systems. New equipment additions were two new press brakes, each with a pressing force of 400 metric tons.
But the expansion of the German manufacturing capacity reflects only part of the success story of the Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH with its global sales network of more than 60 sales branches and distributors. Due to the rapid domestic and international sales growth, the company added numerous new employees at its Memmelsdorf location, requiring an expansion of the employee parking lot. For this reason, the investment package of 8.5 million Euros also included the creation of 240 additional parking spaces on the company premises with a total area of 9,500 square meters (95,000 square feet).

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