VOL. 14 May ISSUE YEAR 2013


in Vol. 14 - May Issue - Year 2013
2013 China Foundry Expo Looks Forward To Your Participation

China (Beijing) International Foundry Industry Expo (CIFE) is one of the world annual foundry events. Founded in 2004, CIFE has always adhered to the principle of resource sharing, win-win benefit, devoted to technique promotion and market development of foundry equipment, foundry technology, raw and auxiliary materials around the world, and favored by companies from applications sector, it has become a vitally important platform for trade and exchange among up- and down-stream enterprises. With the deepening of global economic integration, China castings are constantly raising, the technology continues to progress and gain increasing proportion in the world economy, and foundry equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are the largest and highest growth market drawing global attention. CIFE seizes the opportunity, and follows the trends of the markets. Based on the domestic market, CIFE takes global perspective and has made great contribution to the prosperity of the foundry industry.
2013 is the glory 10th year of the CIFE. CIFE 2013 will be held at the China International Exhibition Center from October 16-18, 2013, and with a new image, the show will present to new and frequent customers from home and abroad. In order to promote the development and deepen interaction within the industry, "the 5th China Foundry Forum of Around Bohai Economic Region" which is co-organized by foundry and forging associations of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Shenyang, Shaotou, Dalian, etc., will be held at the same time with the event. CIFE went through a decade of trials, and this year is the year to seek development and innovation. Based on the previous exhibitions, CIFE will integrate industry resources and regional advantages, improve service system and strengthen operational capability. The expected exhibition area is 20000 m2. There will be hundreds of exhibitors from Asia, Europe and the Americas taking part in the event. Enterprises and top-class representatives will be invited to gather in Beijing to further explore the future of the foundry industry.
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