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in Vol. 14 - July Issue - Year 2013
Metef Is Bending Over Backwards On Its 10th Edition

Verona – The tenth Metef, exhibition of customized technologies for the aluminium and innovative metal industry, is scheduled at Veronafiere on June 11th through 13th 2014 and promises to offer many latest solutions as stressed by the speakers of the press conference held today at 12h00 pm at the Respighi Room of the Verona-based exhibition centre.

After a transition phase in 2012, when the reference sector in Europe and in Italy dropped to its lowest level, 2014 will be a turning point for Metef, one of the major international events for the aluminium and innovative material world. The 2014 exhibition has a new framework and is the focal point of the other shows Metef, Foundeq, Metalriciclo-Recomat and Alumotive spin around. Alumotive in particular endeavours to reach the ambitious target of completing the whole production chain and present the show as a comprehensive content of specialized exhibition sectors.

This is a really strong exhibition that aims to grow in terms of quantity and quality of the contacts thanks to the collaboration with the major trade unions: Amafond, Assofond, Assofermet, Aib, Aital Qualital, Aifm, Aim, Anima, Assomet, Anfia Bir, Cial, Eaa, Uncsaal, Ucif, and F.A.R.O (Commodity Observatory).
"In 2012 Alfin-Edimet and Veronafiere have signed a strategic agreement for the acquisition of 50% of the asset" explains Veronafiere’s President Ettore Riello. "It is the establishment of a partnership where Metef Foundeq have a global dimension thanks to the presence of over 500 exhibitors coming from 29 countries and of 15,000 visitors; 30% from 69 foreign countries. The 2014 edition will represent the whole Italian aluminium and innovative material production chain on the international arena, where competitiveness is more and more challenging. Veronafiere then becomes a guide for the organizational management of this exhibition in order to consolidate Metef as b2b show and to represent the whole Italian manufacturing sector."

Thanks to Metef 2014, a new excellence adds to the worldwide-appreciated Made-in-Italy products: the customized product factory for the aluminium and innovative metal technologies, which represent the core of the manufacturing industry. That’s how Italy has designed and developed a unique skill able to give life to high-added-value customized products, and this skill needs to be expressed.

Communication and internationalization are the key words and Veronafiere, through its representation network in 60 foreign countries, will identify specialized buyers and will offer advanced trade matching services.

Mario Bertoli, President of Alfin-Edimet, stresses that "The market has changed, globalization has shifted the production and consumption barycentre of several goods, even in the metals sector, but the Italian excellence hasn’t been affected, and the customized plants, machinery and technologies are our main feature known and appreciated all over the world. Metef has been a major opportunity for the sector growth over the last decade and nowadays is, more than ever, an exceptional resource for the whole production chain to be present internationally. Alumotive in particular, as the new event within Metef exhibition framework, represents the importance of innovative metals for the production chain in the transport sector and for our country’s leading role as for components, design services and autoparts."

Amafond from the beginning supports the events Metef and Foundeq, as Maurizio Sala vice president of the association says, "…represents for its 100 of member companies the most important appointment in the national area. As for the past editions, we will do our best to represent the sector proposing the latest technologies for new auxiliary products and for plants, machinery and equipment. The association and its members will organize from all around the world, important foreign delegates and specialized operators to Verona in order to highlight the state of the art of the foundry and die-casting compartment. In this particular moment we are convinced that Metef will represent the showcase of the sector and the excellence of made-in-Italy".

The role of Assofond within the exhibition framework is outlined by Franco Zanardi: "Our association has always had a proactive role during the last Metef and Foundeq shows and for the next event we will also focus on the selection of the technological proposals that better represent foundry innovation for the automotive lighting by organizing a permanent "Poster Session" during Alumotive. That’s how the main competitive factor of our manufacturing industry will be stressed: mature social relationships leading to huge and unique competence."

During his speech, Romano Pezzotti of Assofermet wished to stress the "Importance of the network created by Metalriciclo-Recomat along with Metef and by its related companies and farsighted entrepreneurs, involved in monitoring and analysing the major changes deriving from this negative cycle with the aim to find important opportunities for new corporate strategies."

Roberto Tonizzo, General Manager of Banco di Brescia, underlines the long-lasting partnership with the exhibition "…that, thanks to the partnership with Veronafiere, is increasingly heading to emerging markets, international promotion and corporate internationalization. Supporting the producers is part of our corporate culture and Banco di Brescia’s membership to Gruppo UBI Banca promotes the offer of bank services in several foreign countries thus supporting the international growth and business-making, especially for corporate companies, with the same expectations firms have: a future deriving from continuous innovation."

The meeting with the metals trade unions and with the specialized press goes on in the afternoon, at 14h00 in the Sala Respighi, with the F.A.R.O UP seminar dedicated to metals trends, macroeconomic views, and inter-market views thanks to the survey on the relationship among the different markets.

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