VOL. 14 September ISSUE YEAR 2013

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in Vol. 14 - September Issue - Year 2013
To be always reachable...?

During the holiday season, "reachability" is a topic often discussed. In today’s world, the next hot spot is not far away and E-mails, Skype, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp or similar communication tools are constantly available. So there seem to be almost no excuse for being unreachable.

The real question, however, is to determine if this level
of accessibility is really good for a person, and does it,
in the end, contribute to working productivity and performance.
There are certainly different opinions on that subject.
However, one does not need a scientific study to believe
that constant interruptions of whatever kind do not increase
creative thinking or help to solve problems that require a
deeper level of attention. Yet, one is likely to be impressed
if a person is contacted on all types of communication tools,
since it indirectly suggests success or popularity. Contrarily,
if a person has his feet on the table looking out the window,
we may connect that with a negative impression. We cannot
help to have such a reaction, although even the man looking
out the window might just, in fact, be solving some of
the most difficult problems for the company. Luckily, many
businesses have started to realise, that besides the obvious
great advantages of all those communication tools, there are
many negative impacts as well. To be very busy and reachable
is not always good. Companies have started to introduce
guidelines of how to use different technologies or send their
employees to courses that teach the right approach. Some
of the guidelines could be used to determine time blocks in
which using electronic communications is not appreciated;
e.g. no e-mails during weekends or to determine how and
under what circumstances to use which tool.
A good example that really happened is as follows: four
persons are sitting at a table using Facebook. That alone is
not strange yet. However, they all know each other, and are
communicating with each other using Facebook while sitting
directly next to each other!
The number of easy-to-use communication tools is great and
powerful. This, combined with the social- or business-related
pressure to apply it, may be overwhelming for many people.
Therefore to "switch-off" from time to time and to deliberately
be not reachable may, in many cases, be a good option
and do certainly no harm. A recharged mindset has better
performance, and will contribute not only to your business
environment but also to your private life. Improve your time
management, use social media and communication tools in
the way they were meant to be, and many things will suddenly
look much better.

Best Regards
Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas