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in Vol. 14 - September Issue - Year 2013
Metal Surface Cleaning Experts To Create Maximum Value For Customers
Mr. Wu Chengmin, Deputy General
Manager of Shandong Kaitai Group

Mr. Wu Chengmin, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Kaitai Group

Joyce , Sunny, Becky, Wang Ruiguo, Rosanne, Zhang Laibin, Liu Ruwei, Mei Qifang, Sally (left to right)

Joyce , Sunny, Becky, Wang Ruiguo, Rosanne, Zhang Laibin, Liu Ruwei, Mei Qifang, Sally (left to right)

Ms. Rosanne Baiker, General Manager of MFN CHINA, was very pleased to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Wu Chengmin, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Kaitai Group.

(?) MFN: Hello, Mr. Wu Chengmin. Firstly, could you please generally introduce Shandong Kaitai Group?

(!) W. C.: Shandong Kaitai Group has become a specialist concerning metal surface cleaning, from being a onefold metal abrasive and shot blasting machine manufacturer in the past to a metal surface cleaning expert that combines shot blast equipment, metal abrasive, wearing parts (such as the paddle) and a one-stop service combined. In the competitive global shot-blast market, we are becoming more and more international and professional depending on our e-commerce platform, with production and sales in a number of global markets.

(?) MFN: What are the reasons why the Kaitai group has been able to develop so rapidly?

(!) W. C.: One of the most significant reasons why the Kaitai group can develop so rapidly is because our company strongly holds the idea of "Technology leads development". Firstly, we focus on the cooperation with all kinds of colleges and universities to acquire forefront technology of this industry in a timely way. Secondly, to encourage everyone in our company to innovate with a tolerant attitude when facing failures, we allow innovation and use new technology boldly. In addition, we participate in international academic conferences and exhibitions for introducing international advanced technology and talents. Furthermore, by combining international talents with technology, we can increase our company's strength. Last but not least, we have undertaken the national key research project by provincial-level technology platform as the carrier. Shandong Kaitai Group is " Shandong key casting technology and Process Engineering Laboratory of shot peening", " Shandong Shot blasting equipment and Materials Engineering Technology Research Center", " Key Laboratory of Shandong Province" , etc.

(?) MFN: As we know, "Technology leads development" is one of the most crucial ideas of the Kaitai group, so during the time with rapid development, do you have any other ideas?

(!) W. C.: We hold the idea of "Customers and services are always in our hearts." when providing services to customers. All productions are according to customer requirements and customers are regarded as the center. Firstly, in allowing customers to participate in the entire process of product manufacturing, from product design to the installation and debugging and finally to personnel training, the whole process can achieve seamless connection between customers and our company. Secondly, we fully ensure the interests of customers by creating maximum value for customers on the aspects of product safety, environmental protection, and energy saving. Lastly, regarding after sale services as an industry to build, we strive to achieve the idea of " To provide services to customers wholeheartedly".

(?) MFN: What did Shandong Kaitai Group do on customers service?

(!) W. C.: We have established a shot-blast customer service center. And there are various kinds of shot blast equipment for customers selecting a model of equipment and abrasive ratio as well as measuring the level of cleaning rust, the roughness, and metal abrasive customers have been using to provide repair services to the customers’ own equipment, thereby reducing the cost for customers in the customer service center.

(?) MFN: How do you act when facing the rapid developing metal abrasive market in China?

(!) W. C.: In 2011, Chinese steel output had reached 7.3 billions tons; the annual demand of metal abrasive was 450- 500 thousand tons which is a third of the world demand, and demands of shot blast equipment are increasing as well. Shandong Kaitai Group, in order to achieve faster response to customers as the largest metal abrasive and shot blast cleaning equipment production base, has established a nationwide sales network. Currently, we have set up 17 marketing companies, 65 offices around China, and 10 transit goods warehouses, and the number of customers has reached more than 800.

(?) MFN: We all know that Shandong Kaitai Group started with metal abrasives, so what did your company do during the time the Chinese metal abrasive market was developing?

(!) W. C.: Shandong Kaitai Shot-blasting Equipment Group set up an R & D center for metal abrasive and shot blast equipment mainly to investigate cast steel shot's new model of centrifugal shot and the quenching process into technology and equipment, new steel cut wire shot production and the throwing circle equipment, and a new model of shot blast cleaning equipment, etc.. At present, we have participated in drafting and formulation of Chinese national standards for the machinery industry and formulation of shot-blasting cleaning and strengthening of high carbon cast steel shot, cast steel sand, low carbon cast steel shot, steel cut wire shot metal abrasive standard, blast cleaning equipment standard, standard of measuring after cleaning up the steel, and more than 20 other standards.

(?) MFN: Recently, what developments have Kaitai achieved in the shot blasting cleaning area?

(!) W. C.: Recently, the research and development team from our company has been investigating the relationship between roughness and steel coating life; the optimum heat treatment process of forging blade; the relationship between different particle size of stainless steel shot cleaning stainless steel and aluminum alloy material roughness, level of coverage and stainless steel consumption as well as the relationship between high carbon cast steel shot two-fold quenching, low carbon steel shot temper and life.

(?) MFN: What is the next step for Shandong Kaitai Group in the technology area?

(!) W. C.: Recently, a new R & D project of Shandong Kaitai shot-blasting group has been investigating the relationship between different kinds of steel shot and steel cut wire shot on the surface morphology and paint film life. The next step in the plan is to study the shot blasting process, equipment, making a shot-blasting optimization scheme using equipment parameters in order to reduce 20% of the blasting equipment failure rate, improve 20% of production efficiency of shot-blasting, and reduce 20%-30% of shot-blasting abrasives consumption.

MFN would like to thank Wu Chengmin for the interview!

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