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Sustainable And Stable Quality Is The Company's Core Competitiveness
Mr. Alex Wang, General Manager of Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd

Mr. Alex Wang, General Manager of Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd

The company of Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd

The company of Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd

Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd is Surface Peening and Cleaning Abrasive Technology "Green" Abrasive Supplier. MFN had the pleasure to talk to Mr. Alex Wang, General Manager of Kunshan Spring Metal Material Co.Ltd.

(?) MFN: Please kindly give us a brief introduction of your company.

(!) A. W.: When I was a Sales Director for one of the world¡¦s largest metal abrasives manufacturers, I realized that the shot-peening process and related technologies would be widely used in China. Looking at the rapid development of China's industry and its technical progress, there are now plenty of applications. Carbon steel cut wire shot will be an important new metal abrasive. It meets the shot-peening process requirements perfectly for its good abrasive resistance, small range of hardness, and uniform grain size. And as I know, some German and Japanese companies in China import carbon steel cut wire shot from Germany and Japan all the time. Based on this judgment, I set up KunShan Spring Metal Material Co., Ltd in Oct. 2007. Its focus is on carbon steel cut wire shot used for the shot-peening industry.

(?) MFN: There must have be many challenges and difficulties when you started your own business.

(!) A. W.: Yes, that is true. But to some extent, the Chinese market is vacant. As we have a clear market and strategy in place, we see many opportunities as well. At the very start, we visited well-known enterprises in China to introduce our product and to have technical exchanges. They were also happy to have good local suppliers to reduce purchasing cost. We acquired testing equipment, including the ERVIN Fatigue Life Testing Machine from America when our company was founded. Our customers also presented us with many excellent suggestions during their inspection tour, so we would meet their software and hardware requirements gradually.

Here I must mention that we could deliver our products to one of the largest German steel & technology manufacturer in China. Persons from their relevant departments investigated and recertified our company 3 times within one year. Now we are proud to say that our Quality Division is on a very high level also, thanks to this German Steel manufacturer. So in later investigations, customers were satisfied with the whole production process and quality control, because it is the process control mode they are familiar with and hope to get.

(?) MFN: To what industries and to what type of companies are you supplying?

(!) A. W.: We cherish precious cooperation opportunities with large companies, and we work even harder to maintain and guarantee product quality under the guidance of high standards. Our concept is "making better best". With 6 year's market development, our product shares in China's shot-peening applications now are: the gear industry 70%, spring industry 30%, aviation components and parts 10%, and nuclear power and power plants 30%. So we can say that our product has occupied a larger share in China's high-end industries.

In addition, we promote new technologies and new products in China's gear industry, which has made many customers change their concepts and benefit from them. As a result, Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE CHINA) and China Gear Manufacturers Association (CGMA) especially established committees for shot peening, with their Secretariats and offices in our company.

Every year, we hold 1 or 2 shot peening training seminars/courses in Kushan, China. All the participants come from China's large enterprises with their own brand of training. We not only have stable high-quality products, but have a strong technical team as well. It comprises shot-peening specialists from AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and technicians from other companies. We help customers all the way to make the shot-peening process effective and ultimately achieve ideal results. Wherein, Changchun Automobile Materials Institute is our partner to help customers measure residual stress using X-ray diffraction. I think this is one of our strong competitive advantages.

We provide our customers with carbon steel cut wire shot, spare parts for shot -blasting machines, Almen test specimens and electromagnetic flow valves. One of the reasons that customers choose us is that we can offer a range of products and services.

We established our Casting Department in 2009, specializing in the production of wearable spare parts. This has done well, and many customers use our wearable spare parts instead of imported parts.

(?) MFN: How competitive is your company in your market?

(!) A. W.: We moved to a new factory and doubled our production capacity in September this year. Based on 6 years' rapid development in China, Spring has gained certain strength and brand influence. In March this year, Spring established an International Marketing Department. Our company recognizes the urgency and necessity in developing overseas markets. So, we have established a relationship with your magazine. With your magazine as a platform, we sincerely hope that customers worldwide can have long-term stable relationships with suppliers like Spring.

(?) MFN: Thank you for today's conversation. We wish you continuing success for your company!

(!) A. W.: We have the confidence and determination! Thank you!

MFN would like to thank Mr. Alex Wang for the interview!

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