in Vol. 4 - March Issue - Year 0
MFN Trade Show during the 3rd Asian Shot Peening Workshop

The MFN workshop, which takes place at the Hilton in Singapore (9th-11th of June, 2003) is connected to a trade show. This is in order to give the students the chance to talk directly to the different suppliers.
A total of 14 booths will be on display. Up to this moment only 3 booths are still available. Reservations have been made by peening equipment manufacturers, steel shot and cut wire manufacturers as well as shot peening job shops. Also companies from the vibratory finishing industries have booked space. Some of the companies will bring in smaller equipment for demonstration purposes. Below one can refer to the layout of the trade show. Classroom and trade show are on the same floor. The lunch area and the trade show are in one room.